Top 10 Best GPS Trackers for Cars

The Global Position System (GPS) can connect to a series of satellites to track a vehicle’s location, as long as it’s emitting a GPS signal. If your car is equipped with a GPS tracker, then you’ll have the ability to track its location using a mobile app on your smartphone.

The GPS tracker can provide you with a lot of information about your car. Not only will it give you a map and address of where your vehicle is located, but it will provide you with real-time information about its speed and direction too.

Business people and individual car owners both use GPS trackers whenever their cars get lost or stolen. If anyone ever takes your vehicle without permission, you’ll be glad to have a GPS tracker in the car so that you can find it.

Best GPS Trackers for Cars

Here, we have 10 products of GPS trackers for you. They are the best products on the market that will give your vehicle the best protection.


Our first product comes from the AMERICALOC brand. This company is a specialist in the security product for the vehicle. This time, we take a look at their GL300 GPS tracker, one of their best creations. It has everything that helps you to add the GPS tracking feature to your car.

The most important feature of this device is the CAT M1 Technology. It allows you to get an update of your car location continuously. You can easily adjust how often it will tell you the car’s position for every 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Plus, this technology also can pinpoint the location of the car with high accuracy.

A good GPS tracker is a device that can work continuously. For that purpose, AMERICALOC uses one of the best battery technologies in this device. The battery can last for weeks. Among GPS trackers you can find in the store, GL300 uses a battery with the longest lifespan.

Best of all, you also get an affordable monthly subscription for this service. Plus, AMERICALOC also adds two extra months for your first purchase. So, it is not only protecting your car, but you also can save your budget for its protection.

2) MasTrack- Premium Car GPS Tracker W/No Monthly Fee

MasTrack also has one of the best GPS trackers for a car you can find on the market. This product offers a free premium service, which is the best deal you can get. You will get 12 months of GPS tracking service for free after you buy it. Moreover, you also don’t have to pay the activation fees for that.

It also seems that the manufacturer tries to simplify the usage of this GPS tracker. First of all, it doesn’t require an installation process. You just have to plug it into the OBD-II port on your vehicle. No need to do the wire jobs or another modifying stuff on your car system. Once you plugged it into the port, you can use its full features. This device will automatically track its location and update it continuously.

Moreover, it also has many useful features. It can tell you the speed limit, engine condition, maintenance alert, and many more. And, you also can access all of those data anytime you want. MasTrack provides 24/7 unlimited access for this device’s users. So, it protects your car all the time.

3) TrackmateGPS DASH T11 4G/LTE GPS tracker for Vehicles

TrackmateGPS DAS T11 is one of the best choices for a GPS tracker with high precision. It provides detailed information about the location as well as the route that your car took. Moreover, it also has external GPS and GSM antennas that will improve its accuracy even higher. This device is a perfect choice to protect your vehicle from theft as well as for tracking purposes on new driver driving activity.

It is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Therefore, you won’t have any problem activating its SIM card using those two operator services. Moreover, you also get a reliable app to see the tracking information and operate this device.

The network service doesn’t use a contract, activation, and cancellation fees. You can start your monthly subscription to this service as soon as you get this device. Plus, the premium plan also gives you 5 seconds automatic update. This service allows you to track your vehicle in a very high accuracy position.

4) Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker Car Tracking Device

This product has a very convenient way to use. First of all, it is easy to install. You only need around 10 seconds to finish the installation process. Then, you can use it as a GPS tracker for the vehicle. It has a magnet part that lets it stick on the metal surface easily. So, you can attach it to that part of your automobile. Then, you’ll have a GPS tracker ready to use.

Best of all, it has a battery with a very long lifespan. You can use it for two months before you have to recharge the battery. Compared to other GPS trackers in the same category, we can say that this product’s battery is the best one in the lifespan longevity category.

The automated alert feature also put this product as one of the best GPS trackers for cars. It automatically tells you whenever there is a change in your vehicle. The changes are including the car’s position, speed, and other elements. When that happens, this device will send you an e-mail consist of detailed information about that change. It is indeed a powerful tracker for your vehicle.

5) Oyster2 4G/5G Cat-M1 GPS Tracker for Assets

Oyster2 can be said as one of the best GPS trackers with so many features for its users. It uses 3AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries that can last for 5 years of continuous usage. It is the longest battery life you can find on a GPS tracker.

Moreover, it has a small and compact dimension. You can easily put it in an area that is not easy to notice to prevent someone from stealing it. Because of its small size, you also can use it on other objects. So, you get a GPS tracker for your vehicle and your valuable items.

It uses the LTE network for better tracking functions. Thanks to this feature, you can easily find tracking this device. This device uses this network to update its position once every 5 minutes. And, when something is happening to it, it will instantly send you an alert via text message to your phone or email. If you want a simple yet powerful GPS tracker, this Oyster2 LTE GPS tracker is the answer.

6) AES RGT90 GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Tracking Device

One of the annoying things you can have with your GPS tracker is it doesn’t work when you use it in other countries. AES Spy Cameras solve that with this RGT90 GPS Tracker. This device works in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and more than 100 other countries in the world. So, whenever you travel to other countries, you can use it to track your belonging or vehicle.

The battery can last for 90 days, which is long enough for a GPS tracker with a full feature like this one. You only charge it once, and you get that amount of time to use it. Moreover, it comes with a discrete waterproof magnetic case. The magnet is so strong. It can stick on your vehicle without falling off during the trip. It also updates the location every 20 seconds. And, you can access the tracking information via your mobile device or PC.

7) GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

GPSit1000BZL is another amazing GPS tracker you can find today. It offers everything that you need. For example, its ability to provide a real-time tracking function, helps you to get the precise location of the car. Moreover, it can update regularly and fast. Furthermore, it also detects every turn your car made. Thus, you also can easily find more about the route information.

As for installation, it comes in two different methods. You can choose to install it by connecting its wire to your car. It needs mechanical knowledge, but it ensures that it is attached and worked perfectly. The other method is the easy plug-in installation method. You will need an OAY1000 OBD adapter for this, which you can purchase separately.

8) Spy Spot 2020 4G LTE GL300MG GPS Real Time Tracker

Spy Spot presents you with a fast and accurate GPS tracker for you. This GL300MG uses the LTE network to provide a real-time tracking function. As long as you activate it, you will know the exact location of the car. The battery life is also satisfying. With one charging process, it can last for at least two weeks.

You will also like its ability to record the tracking result. With a simple application, you will know the 6 months long of tracking the history of this device. Find more about your car miles per hour, street address, time in motion, coordinates, and even time parked with this device. That makes us believe that this is one of the best GPS trackers available on the market today.

9) Cube GPS Tracker

Next, we have a device from Cube. This brand seems to try to let our life easier by giving everything that we need in one package. This device already has a SIM card and monthly subscription, without hidden fees. You can activate it as soon as you get it.

To access the information, use the mobile phone or PC by accessing the website. Furthermore, it also has a geo-fence zone feature in the app to get a real-time and accurate tracking result. The battery can last for around 10-60 days depending on how you use it. As for charging purposes, you can find an OBDII cable in it and a USB port you can use. It can tell you all the tracking history up to 5 years.

However, too bad it only uses the Verizon network. If you are familiar with this service, that won’t become a problem. But, if you like other internet services, you may choose another product that uses your favorite network.

10) Spy Spot 2020 4G LTE GL300MG GPS Real Time Tracker

As for the last product on our list, it came from the Spy Spot collection. Here, we have the GL300MG GPS Real-Time Tracker. This product uses the latest technology, which helps Spy Spot reduce its size into a more compact and smaller dimension than the previous model. It also has a weatherproof case that can protect it from weather, temperature, and other elements that can damage its component.

Furthermore, you also can get many other features from Spy Spot. For example, it has free apps you can download on iOS or Android for controlling this tracker or retrieving the tracking history. The Tracking Portal feature also allows you to get detailed information, such as street view, satellite view, and six months worth of history log.


Using the best GPS tracker for cars is necessary. It lets you drive comfortably. You also don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s safety because you can easily find its location. In short, a GPS tracker is the best investment you can add to your car.

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Tips for Choosing the Best GPS Tracker for Your Car

All cars, especially the latest-released car, have a set of safety features that can protect them from theft and other dangerous events. It becomes the standard and requirement to provide the best experience for car owners. However, it is not wrong if you also add extra security tools to your car to ensure that it is protected perfectly. One of the best tools you can add is a GPS tracker. You can find out your car’s location all the time, plus some of the devices also can prevent crime.

Which GPS tracker is the best for your car? There are several GPS trackers available, so you might be confused about which one to pick. Let us help you make that choice.

Below are the top seven tips for choosing the best GPS tracker for your car.

1) Alerts

A high-quality GPS tracker will give you alerts on vital information about your car. For instance, if your vehicle is about to run out of fuel, the GPS tracker should be able to send you an SMS alert message to your smartphone.

Other types of alerts might include speeding, tampering, route deviation and too much stoppage. Tracking the actions of the vehicle is just as important as monitoring the location.

2) Historical Reports

If you operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, you’ll want to install GPS trackers in them to generate historical reports on their activities. It is the best way to evaluate the productivity levels of your drivers. You’ll know who has stopped the most versus who has been on the move the most.

3) User-Friendly Controls

Don’t purchase a complicated GPS tracker. It should have an easy-to-use control interface. All of the vehicle data and reporting should be retrievable by simply pushing a few buttons.

4) Voice Controls

If you need to control with the GPS tracker while driving the car, it would be dangerous to take your hands off the steering wheel. That is why you must find a GPS tracker with a voice-activated control system.

It should let you retrieve location and direction information by using your mouth to give the commands. Then you can maintain safety on the road as you utilize the power of your tracking device.

5) Maps

Graphical maps are essential for a GPS tracking device. It must provide a visual display showing where your car is located on the map. Other information, such as idling, engine time, average speed, and kilometers travelled, should be indicated on the map too.

Most GPS trackers will come with digital maps, but the most advanced trackers come with additional mapping features. For instance, if you want to replay the entire trip from start to finish, you can find GPS trackers to do this for you. You can even see when your car overdrives or over-speeds.

6) Mobile App

The newest GPS trackers should allow for mobile app connectivity. However, some of the older GPS trackers do not link to mobile apps. Make sure you choose a GPS tracker with mobile app connectivity so that you can track the car information on your smartphone or tablet.

Otherwise, you’ll have to use radio signals and other old-fashioned methods for receiving the tracking data.

7) Real-Time Tracking

The classic GPS trackers use passive tracking systems rather than real-time tracking systems. Passive tracking means the car information is stored on the device for later viewing. New information is collected once every 30 seconds and saved to the memory on the tracker. If you’re taking a long trip in the car, you’ll need a lot of memory readily available to store all the information.

Real-time tracking is so much better because it utilizes satellites and cellular data to deliver the car information as soon as it’s detected. The data is updated every 15 seconds and can be stored on a cloud server or your mobile device.

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