5 Best Aluminum & Steel Floor Jack under $200 (for Trucks, SUVs and Cars)

If you have a truck and one of your tire damage on the road and need to change with spare tire. At this moment the first to do is take floor jack from you truck cabin and lift up your truck and open the wheel nuts. If you don’t have floor jack to lift up your truck, I recommended to buy it as soon as possible.

Things to Consider when You Buy Floor Jack for Your Cars, SUVs and Trucks

If You are looking for the best and cheap floor jack to jack up your cars and trucks, you are in the right place as the answer to this question forms the basis of discussion here where we will look at the top tips that you should use to find the best yet cheap floor jack to jack up your cars, SUVs and trucks. See below the top factors to consider when choosing a floor jack for your car or truck:

Choose the right capacity

The number one consideration for choosing the best floor jack is getting the right capacity. You need to know the gross weight of your car’s weight and also the front and rear weights. You can find this information in your car’s manual.

As a tips, the best jack for your car should surpass the weight lifting capacity you need. However, you should not go overboard with it as a heavier jack may be too slow.

Choose the right material

A floor jack for cars and trucks is more than just the capacity. The kind of material used in the manufacturing process is an important consideration that you should not ignore. Here are the material options that you have:

  • Steel: it is very durable, though heavy. The greatest benefit of steel is that it has a lower price yet works very effectively. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap floor jack for your vehicle, then steel is one of the finest options.
  • Aluminum: it is far much lighter than steel and more expensive. It has an aesthetic value that steel doesn’t; however, it doesn’t last as long as steel.
  • Hybrid: this option combines both steel and aluminum. When using this option, you get the best of both. It is fairly priced.

The type of car

Another consideration that is equally important when choosing the best floor jack is the type of car that you have. Ground clearance is the top factor to consider when looking at the type of car as a determining factor.

Your personal needs

You also need to consider your personal needs for the floor jack. For example, if you just want a floor jack that you will use in case of an emergency, you should go for a scissor jack, which is quite compact and attracts a low price.

Buying the Best Floor Jack (Aluminum and Steel) under $200 for Your Cars, SUVs and Trucks

Buying a floor jack however, especially the one that can lift a truck, could be difficult to do. The features, performance, design, and even size, plus, of course, its prices, are several things that need to be looked for before you pick. Without enough reference, a big chance you will get the wrong one. It won’t work like what you want. You waste your money on the product. For that reason, we give you a list of 5 products we see as the best floor jack (aluminum and steel) for cars, SUVs and trucks under $200. These are not only the best products but also affordable.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best floor jack (aluminum and steel) for cars, SUVs and trucks under $200 you can buy on amazon with good price:

1) Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

Blackhawk creates one of the best floor jacks with this product. They give more attention to the design, which makes it easy to use. With quite a smaller dimension compared to a similar product, you can easily move it around. It also won’t take too much space in your truck trunk or any area where you keep it. In short, the design gives you a very convenient experience.

However, speaking about floor jack, especially for truck, performance, and the feature is the most important here. The lifting ability is quite amazing. A 3.5-ton (7,000 lb) weight can be lifted easily. Furthermore, it uses a rugged universal joint, which allows you to control it with high accuracy.

The safety feature is also satisfying. Blackhawk uses a built-in internal safety valve and vent plug, which can keep the load and lifting process under control. Then, it also has a swivel saddle. It helps you to place this tool on the position that you want easily, plus it protects the user too. Overall, this is a great product. You get nothing but the best.

Buy at amazon - Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

2) Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Liftmaster seems to focus on how you will easily move this floor jack around under your truck. Sometimes, we have to struggle to find the position that fits the whole body of the floor jack, before we start. However, the 3-inches low profile design you can see in this product freed you from those problems. It can smoothly slide under the truck to ease your preparation before lift it.

Besides the convenient design, Liftmaster also adds some of the great features in it. The dual pump system is one of them. This system allows you to use less energy to produce higher lifting power. Furthermore, the two pieces of knurled steel handle also feel so great in your hand. With the foam bumper on it, it will protect your vehicle as well. Then, the rubber part on the bottom part also provides better protection and a stable base. Overall, it is a convenient and safer floor jack for a truck.

Buy at Amazon - Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

3) Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack XL20

Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack XL20 - Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

This product is one of the best low profile steel floor jacks by Arcan. However, compared to other low profile floor jack, you can see the clear difference in this product. The design for the base is so perfect, which gives it a true low profile frame. Other products have some kind of a bump on top of it, while Arcan doesn’t use this design and make it a real low design.

Furthermore, the dual pump pistons and universal joint release mechanism, give it more value that you can consider when you buy a floor jack for your truck. The dual pump piston gives it so much power which can quickly raise the load on top of it. Then, the joint mechanism gives you precise control when you use it. It is indeed the Best Floor Jack for Lifted Truck Under $200 that gives you convenience and power.

Buy at Amazon

4) Pro-LifT G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack (3.5 Ton Capacity)

Pro-LifT G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack (3.5 Ton Capacity)
Pro-LifT launched this product as the solution for those who want to have a garage jack that has similar performance and quality like what the professionals use. And, it did what the customer expected. First of all, this small jack can lift 3.5-ton of loads. From this part, you can see that it is very reliable. Plus, the universal joint release mechanism that you also can find on all Pro-LifT floor jacks add more points in this product.

Then, the time when you open its package and use it for lifting your truck is not that long. It is easy to assemble and you can use it right away. Furthermore, the design also has so many innovations and useful features. For example, the rubber saddle protects your vehicle while you are working with your jack. Then, it also has a magnetic tool tray to avoid any problem with small parts and tools in the area where you use it.

Buy at Amazon - Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

5) Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack (Not Available)

This floor jack is designed with the easy-to-use concept. As you can see, the most important element of floor jack is how easy you can lift your vehicle with it. And, it has Rapid Pump Quick Lift feature for this purpose. It helps you to reach the desired lifting height in a short amount of time. Save more time and energy.

It can lift 3 ton (6,000 lb) of maximum weight. This is the standard lifting power for a truck floor jack. However, with the exclusive dual parallel pump system, you won’t feel anything when you use it for lifting your truck. But, the part that we like the most is the precision welded heavy-duty design. It is so strong; you don’t need to worry about using it on the truck. Plus it lasts longer with this material.

Read also:

Safety Precautions When Using a Floor Jack on a Car or Truck

A floor jack is among the most indispensable tools there is when it comes to car and truck maintenance and repair. Even when vehicles have good ground clearance, it’s easier for a mechanic to do their job when the car can be lifted higher to allow more space and greater visibility on the underside of that vehicle.

The problem is how to ensure that when the vehicle is lifted up onto the jack that everything remains safe. Even the smallest hatchback car is heavy enough to crush and kill a person if it were to fall or become unstable on the jack.

What steps can we take to ensure that our use of the floor jack will always be safe?

Floor Jack Safety Precautions Steps

1. Check and Follow the Load Capacity

Every floor jack has a specific loading capacity. You should never exceed this capacity because it is not an arbitrary number. It is there as a matter of safety.

2. Put the Vehicle in “Park” and Engage the Handbrake

When preparing to raise a vehicle, ensure that it is in “Park” (or “Neutral” for manual transmission”) and that the parking brake is engaged. Do not begin raising or lowering the vehicle until you are 100-percent sure this is the case.

3. Keep Up with All Regular Maintenance

A floor jack is a piece of mechanical equipment like any other, and needs to be properly oiled and maintained. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance to ensure the floor jack is always working safely.

4. Use Wheel Chocks

Most floor jacks have wheels or casters to make them easier to move around the shop floor. Use chocks behind these wheels to ensure the jack cannot shift or roll even a little bit. Solid wooden chocks are best.

5. Always Use a Flat, Stable Surface

Raising a vehicle while the jack is placed on a sloped or unstable surface is extremely dangerous. The jack can slip out of place when on such a surface, and even a degree or two of slippage can create a hazardous, even deadly situation.

6. Make Use of Jack Stands

To further ensure the stability of the floor jack, you should also use a set of jack stands to support other parts of the vehicle not held up by the floor jack. The jack stands take some of the stress away from the floor jack, but more importantly will stabilize the vehicle and help keep it in place even if the jack has a problem.

7. Don’t Rush, and Check the Stability First

Those who rush to raise up a vehicle without performing proper checks on the vehicle, and without checking the stability of the vehicle and jack once raised are putting themselves in danger. Take your time, check everything, and leave nothing to chance.

8. Favor Quality, Not Price

Finally, one more safety precaution you can take is to invest in a high-quality floor jack. It’s never a good idea to favor bargain prices at the expense of strength, durability and overall quality. Spending more on a good floor jack now is a good investment.

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