10 Best Aftermarket Oil Coolers for 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel Engines (Updated)

Does your vehicle have a 6.0 Powerstroke diesel engine? If so, then you should be aware that it can heat up rather quickly. The oil that flows through the engine gets hotter as you drive the vehicle for more extended periods. If the temperature gets too hot, it could cause permanent damage to your diesel engine.

For this reason, you need to have a powerful oil cooler to regulate the engine oil temperature. An oil cooler absorbs heat from the oil, allowing cooler oil to recirculate through the engine and lower its temperature. If the original oil cooler in your vehicle were to malfunction or stop working correctly, you’d need to replace it with an aftermarket oil cooler.

When shopping for an aftermarket oil cooler for your 6.0 Powerstroke diesel engine, make sure it is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. You’ll find this engine in select models of Ford trucks, so they should be your target.

Best Aftermarket Oil Coolers for 6.0 Powerstroke

Below are the top 10 best aftermarket oil coolers for 6.0 powerstroke diesel engines:

1) Ford 3C3Z-6A642-CA – KIT (Genuine Part)

This set of products gives you one of the most important parts of the Ford car. This kit consists of several parts of the oil cooler that you need to assemble. You may need help from a professional mechanic to help you install this part. However, if you have the skill to do that yourself, you can install it right away. After all, it also comes with a detailed manual you can use as a guide.

This kit will also give you OEM spare parts. It means that you will get the original part created by the Ford for the car it’s produced. It is important to use the original part like this. It doesn’t only perfectly match with your car. However, you also get a warranty as well as avoid so many problems in the future.

One thing you need to remember, ensure that you match your car type with this part. When you buy it from an online store, you can find the online tool to do this. So, do not hesitate to use that tool, and see this part is what your car needs. Buy at amazon >>

2) AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooler Kit (Aftermarket Part)

The AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooker Kit works just like a radiator. It uses engine coolant to absorb heat from the oil flow, but the coolant and oil do not mix. Only a cooler leak would cause them to mix together. If that ever happens, then it is time to purchase a new aftermarket oil cooler like the AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooler Kit.

The cooler is compatible with several older Ford models, such as the 2004/2005 E-350 Club Wagon, 2004/2010 E-350 Super Duty, 2004/2007 E-450 Super Duty, 2003/2005 Excursion, and 2003/2007 F-550 Super Duty. Most Ford models with Powerstroke 6.0 V8 engines from 2003 through 2010 should be compatible with this cooler kit.

Even though the original equipment manufacturer did not make the AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooler Kit, it should fit as the original factory cooler did. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty to all buyers.

3) PPE Heavy-Duty Ford Oil Cooler 314030310 (Aftermarket Part)

This oil cooler part solves all kinds of the problem your car has with the factory oil cooler. Mostly, the factory oil cooler has a small oil flow passage and easy to crack. Both of them are the main reason for the engine failure problem. PPE, however, designs this product differently. The PPE Oil Cooler has a larger and stronger passage. With this design, the oil flow won’t give too much pressure on the engine.

Therefore, the cooling process also can be done smoothly.

Furthermore, this oil cooler also has an extra row in it. This new design can spread the heat evenly. So, the heat won’t focus on one area, which can lead to severe damage to the engine. In short, this product, its system, and design give you a more effective cooling system for your car engine. It improves your car performance and keeps your engine last longer. Last but not least, it also includes Viton O-ring and gasket kit in it. Buy at amazon >>

4) Rudy’s Diesel Heavy Duty Replacement Oil Cooler Kit & Gaskets (Aftermarket Part)

Rudy’s Diesel also releases this product for you who are looking for oil cooler with a good aftermarket value. Unlike other products that use factory oil cooler as the building base, this product was built from zero. It is all 100% new construction. So, we can expect some of the great performance from it.

The design is also different from others. It seems that Rudy’s Diesel tries to give their consumer a part that can last longer. Therefore, they design this product with the heavy-duty upgraded design concept. It doesn’t only use high-quality and durable material. But, its design also gives it the endurance to work in the high-pressured condition inside the engine.

When you buy this product, you also get a gasket, plus a 1-year warranty from its manufacturer. Furthermore, this is a direct replacement product. So, you can easily install and replace your old or factory oil cooler in your car. Buy at amazon >>

If you are looking for an oil cooler kit that can surpass your Ford car original oil cooler, this one is the best option. TOPAZ makes it be able to perfectly match with the original car. Furthermore, the quality of this product can be classified as a premium product. So, it is a perfect replacement for the OEM part that your car uses.

This product is only compatible with specific Ford series. Here is the car which you can use this part to replace its original oil cooler:

  • Ford E-350
  • Ford E450
  • Ford F-250
  • Ford F-350 Super Duty Excursion

This part comes with an already assembled form. You just need to install it directly to your car to use it. You also get a 1-year warranty for this product, which is a great deal for a premium aftermarket product. Buy at amazon >>

5) Dorman 904-228 Engine Oil Cooler (Aftermarket Part)

The Dorman 904-228 Engine Oil Cooler is a 100% match of the factory oil cooler found in select Ford model vehicles. When you replace your original cooler, you’ll find the Dorman 904-228 fits and functions as well as the original. It has a highly durable construction, with reliable aluminum material that is resistant to corrosion.

After numerous testing, the cooler has been proven to perform wonderfully and without any leaks. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and equivalent alternative to the factory oil cooler, you won’t find one better than the Dorman 904-228. It is compatible with Ford models E-350, E-450, F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550.

6) XDP Heavy Duty Oil Cooler

XDP has released so many oil cooler products. One of them is this heavy duty oil cooler. As its name implies, this oil cooler is capable of handling the heavy duty job in the extreme condition. Thanks to the new upgraded design of this part, it improves the performance by several-fold.
Even though it is the upgraded version of the previous model, XDP said that they make it new. The 100% new construction allows it to work like the new product but with better performance thanks to the upgrade. The smart design allows it to prevent the blockage that happens a lot on the standard oil cooler. This feature increases its lifespan. That means you will get much longer protection. According to the official source, it can last more than 1000 miles, which is good spec compared to other products.
This product is also a direct replacement. It means it fits with the car model that is compatible with this oil cooler. With the easy-to-install feature, you won’t have any problem using it on your vehicle.

7) BOXI Upgraded Engine Oil Cooler Kit 3C3Z6A642CA

BOXI is well-known for its high-quality product in the auto parts category. This company has improved and developed many technologies and features that set its product apart from other similar products. Here, we have the oil cooler kit for your 6.0L Powerstroke. The new oil cooler has received an upgrade and improvement to ensure that it works well and provides the best performance for the car.
Design-wise, the BOXI oil cooler has a simple design. The design allows you to install this part without taking too much time. Make sure you check the compatibility list before you buy this part. Find if your car model is compatible with this product. Otherwise, it won’t give you the effect or improvement that you wanted.
BOXI also has tested this oil cooler before they release it to the market. They did many tests to ensure that this oil cooler part works as they planned before. The result is very satisfying. Many times, the result even exceeds the specification that this company has before the production.

If you are looking for the best replacement for the OEM oil cooler on your 6.0 Powerstroke, Auto Express has this new product for you. This oil cooler kit provides all parts that you need to replace your old oil cooler on the 6.0L Powerstroke engine in your Ford. Inside the package, you will get one engine oil cooler, plus several gaskets and an O-Rings Kit for installation purposes.
How about its performance? Auto Express chooses one of the best materials to build every part in this kit. The core is made of a material with high durability that can survive in extreme conditions in your engine. Then, the ring and other accessories also use the flexible material for easy to put on the complicated part of this oil cooler. In short, this oil cooler has the high performance that you want, plus an easy-to-install and free installation guide you can use.

8) Additional Info: Mishimoto MMOC-F2D-08 (For 6.4L Powerstroke)

The Mishimoto MMOC-F2D-08 Replacement Oil Cooler will fit perfectly in any 2008, 2009, or 2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. If your current factory oil cooler is leaking or clogged, then it is time to replace it with the Mishimoto MMOC-F2D-08 Replacement Oil Cooler. It’ll renew the performance of your engine so that it continues to run at its maximum ability.

The replacement oil cooler includes premium seals and O-rings that guarantee a clean fit without any leaks. But you can get even more protection with the Mishimoto 2008–2010 6.4L Powerstroke Coolant Filter Kit. It works in conjunction with the MMOC-F2D-08 oil cooler to expand the engine’s longevity.

Mishimoto offers consumers a lifetime warranty on all purchases of its oil cooler and coolant filter kits.

9) TOPAZ 3C3Z-6A642-CA (Not Available)

10) Auto Express New Oil Cooler Kit (Not Available)

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Those are 10 Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler For 6.0 Powerstroke products which you can find on the market. All of them are aftermarket products, which mean the new construction product for replacing your car’s original oil cooler. One of them is OEM, though. However, they have the best and even better quality than your car original part. Do not worry when you buy and install them. Just make sure you choose the correct product.

Thing to Consider when You Buy Aftermarket Oil Coolers for 6.0 Powerstroke

Do you you need the best aftermarket oil cooler for Your 6.0 Powerstroke diesel engines? Below are the top 5 tips to consider:

1) Check the Compatibility: Oil coolers do not have universal compatibility with all diesel engine vehicles. When you’re interested in a particular oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke, you need to make sure it is compatible with your particular make and model vehicle. That way, you know the cooler will fit when it is installed.

2) Large Oil Flow Passage: The standard factory-made oil cooler contains a smaller oil flow passageway, which adds more pressure to the engine. This would explain why the factory oil cooler goes bad quickly. But if you choose an aftermarket oil cooler with a larger oil flow passageway, you can reduce the pressure on your engine. Not only will it allow your oil cooler to last longer, but it will also increase the lifespan of your engine as well.

3) Look for Warranties: It is always better to choose an aftermarket oil cooler with at least a one-year warranty. Since some vendors are more reliable than others, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase a durable and reliable aftermarket oil cooler. A warranty will protect your investment in case something happens to the cooler within the first year or so after you purchase it.

4) Check the Reviews: Look at the reviews of the various oil coolers. Read the comments people wrote about the coolers and whether they were functional and reliable. Websites like Amazon make it easy to sort through the oil cooler products based on their number of reviews and 5-star ratings.

5) Look for Kits: Sometimes the aftermarket oil coolers are sold without any additional installation tools or parts. If you’re attempting to install the oil cooler yourself, then you should look for coolers sold in kits. It will make the installation process so much easier for you. An instruction manual will likely be included too.

Tips to Replace Oil Cooler in Your 6.0 Power Stroke

Proceed with caution

If you want to attempt the removal of the intake in order to get to the EGR Cooler with the objective of replacing the Oil Cooler it is important to know what you’re doing and when necessary to obtain professional advice. This is a very expensive piece of engineering and it will not be wise to take unnecessary chances. There are also slight changes between different models and they will have to be studied and the information taken into consideration. It is also important to determine beforehand the Torque specs for each model year. Furthermore it is important to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools in order to be able to replace the Oil Cooler.

Things you will need

It is helpful to have envelopes or other containers which can be used to store bolts and nuts during the replacement process. Pliers, box wrenches and other hand tools should be available. You should also have a suitable torque wrench which can handle at least 25ft/lbs. Socket extensions in various sizes is also helpful. The most frequently used socket sizes are 10, 11, 13 and 15. It is also advisable to have access to an air compressor because lots of air is needed to remove as much dirt as possible. It is also helpful to have a pry bar and lots of rags. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of general mechanic lube. You might also need a door panel removal tool. Lastly ensure that you have TORXsockets in the following sizes #30 #35 #40 and #45.

Ford parts needed

There are several essential parts which is required such as a coolant cap, green breather o-ring, top gasket, rear gasket, cooler to intake o-ring, intake manifold gasket and the oil cooler. It is best to speak with your Ford consultant in order to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Before starting on this job it is important to allow the vehicle to cool down. It will be necessary to drain all of the coolant. It will be helpful to spray clamps and threads with penetrating oil to loosen them up. Remove the batteries because this provides you with more room to work. Your next step will be to disconnect the degasbottle top left hose. This is the one that goes to the engine. Also disconnect the top right side degashose from the radiator. Just be careful the nipple on the radiator is made of plastic and is easily damaged. Now you should disconnect the air filter minder and pull it out. Disconnect the MAF. It is best to remove the dipstick because this allows for more working room and it will prevent wires from getting snagged. You can now remove the air cleaner. The next step will be to unclamp the coolant hose on bottom of degauss bottle. The bottle should also be removed.

A lengthy process

As you can see this is a lengthy process which involves numerous steps all of which has to be done in sequence in order to avoid needless errors.

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