Top 5 Best Aftermarket Steering Columns for Your Car

A steering column is part of the suspension system of a car. It is the component that connects the steering wheel and steering mechanism. Each time you turn the steering wheel left or right with your hands, it causes torque power to get transferred to the pinion and shaft by the steering column. That is how the wheels are able to turn left or right.

When your steering columns become too old or worn out, you’ll notice some apparent symptoms as you’re driving. Sometimes your steering wheel won’t be centered, or you’ll hear strange sounds coming from your steering system. It’ll eventually get to the point where your steering wheel is difficult to turn.

The only way to fix these issues is to replace your steering column with a new one. You can get some good deals on aftermarket steering columns for your car. You have to make sure it is a high-quality steering column that is compatible with your vehicle. Since most aftermarket steering columns have universal compatibility, it should not be an issue.

Best Aftermarket Steering Columns

Below are the top five best aftermarket steering columns for your car.


The DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Chrome Tilt Manual Steering Column features a chrome finish, wire harness (4.25-inch connector) and nine-bolt style adapter. It is compatible with all steering wheels that have nine holes in them. The steering wheel is meant for vehicles with manual transmission systems only. It is not meant for automatic transmission vehicles.

This particular manual steering column is 30 inches. The measurement is taken by measuring from the shroud to the shaft. The DD output shaft is one inch, while the diameter of the column is two inches. Additional accessories included with this GM steering column are a shift indicator and instruction manual. There is no key or ignition switch included with the column.

If you need a different size steering column between 28 and 32 inches, you can find them available from the same manufacturer. People trust the quality and integrity of DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE products.


The DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Auto Universal Steering Column is another excellent steering column from the trusted DEMOTOR brand. The difference here is the steering column is designed for automatic transmission vehicles rather than manual transmission vehicles. It is also 28 inches in size rather than 30 inches. You’ll even notice this steering column has a completely stainless-steel natural finish. If you’re tired of the chrome finish, then you’ll appreciate the look of this particular finish.

Other features of the steering column are somewhat familiar. It comes with a shift indicator and a nine-hole style adapter for steering wheels with nine holes. The diameter of the column is two inches, and the DD output shaft is one inch. Overall, it has universal compatibility with most automatic vehicle models.

If you want the 30-inch version of the steering column for automatics, the manufacturer offers that as well.

3) Auto Dynasty Replacement for Chevy GM Hot Rod Stainless Steel 32 inches Tilt Automatic Style Steering Column Mounted Shifter

The Auto Dynasty Replacement Steering Column is designed as an aftermarket steering column for the automatic Chevy GM vehicle models. Auto Dynasty makes it clear that GM did not create or sell this particular steering column. It is strictly an aftermarket steering column that was made and sold by a third-party manufacturer.

You can only use this steering column in automatic vehicle models. It is a tilt steering column with PNRD12 display illumination and a polished chrome finish. The column is approximately 32 inches in length and comes with a GM wiring harness (4.25-inch male connector). Other features include a tilt lever, turn signal lever, hazard switch, and billet shifter arm.

No ignition switch can be found in the column. The entire unit is made of 304 stainless-steel material to ensure its strength and durability.

4) Speedway Motors Standard GM 5-Position 30″

The Speedway Motors Standard GM 5-Position Tilt Steering Column features a two-inch column with five different tilt positions. This allows you to have a custom driving position with easy entry and exit. There are an integrated self-cancelling turn signal and hazard flashers that you can activate on the column itself.

The column wiring plug can be used with aftermarket chassis harnesses. You don’t need to have harnesses from the original manufacturer for the column wiring plug. This chrome-plated tilt steering wheel column should work fine with most three-speed and four-speed automatic transmission vehicles.

The column specifications match what you would find on a GM vehicle made between 1969 and 1994. Therefore, it fits a whole range of different applications. It is very easy to connect the steering column because it comes with colour-coded wiring features. For instance, grey is for the left front turn, blue is for the right front turn, etc.

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5) Hex Autoparts Stainless 32”

The Hex Autoparts Manual Floor Shift Tilt Steering Column is a 32-inch steering column with a horn wire system and a 4.25-inch male wiring harness. Most 1969 GM applications featured these types of steering columns in them. However, the Hex Autoparts steering column has no specific application, so you might have to modify it to ensure compatibility with your vehicle.

The steering column contains a two-inch column diameter, a one-inch DD shaft, and a 2.125-inch integrated ignition w/ key. The ignition is located at a three o’clock position in the column. The 32 inches of column length was measured starting at the end of the column and going toward the D-D coupler. If you add the nine-bolt steering wheel adapter, the total length is actually 36 inches.


These are all fine aftermarket steering wheel columns for cars. But if you have no experience installing a steering wheel column, you should seek professional mechanic assistance. Otherwise, you could risk making a mistake that will negatively impact your steering ability behind the wheel.

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