Top 5 Best Aftermarket Starter Motors for Your Car

Starter motor is the part on engine electrical systems. To crank the car engine, it need starter motor to rotate flywheel and start the engine. When starter motor malfunction, you need to repair or replace it with new one. You can choose with aftermarket product or OEM product. As we know OEM product are costly and aftermarket product are cheaper.

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So if you are choose the aftermarket product, listed below are the top 5 best aftermarket starter motors for your car:

1) DB Electrical SFD0024 New Starter

This DB Electrical SFD0024 New Starter is suitable to replace your Ford vehicles and truck excursion. It is a new product from the aftermarket. It is built 100% to meet the specifications of OEM. Purchasing this product will get you a whole year’s warranty protections. So, this is a really good choice if you are looking for a year’s warranty. The price is quite good as well on the market because the price is direct from the factory. Thus, you will not find different prices for this product as there is no markup from the middleman. This starter has proven the quality of its product. It gives a decent performance and lasts long. Ensure that you have a look at this product before you purchase one. It is worth the effort to get your best starter.

2) DB Electrical SDR0070 Starter

If you are searching for a starter for your Chevy and GMC, you should check out this DB Electrical SDR0070. This starter is going to fit very perfectly for those brands of cars. It is designed to meet the OEM specifications and this unit is 100% new on the market. This product has a decent quality that can give outstanding performance. You will be able to benefit from this starter as it can last long as it has a decent durability. This company has set the price that does not allow the third party to markup the price. So, this is a good value for the customers. It is going to be a good choice for your Chevy or your GMC.

3) ACDelco 337-1113 Professional Starter

This ACDelco 337-1113 Professional Starter is a relatively new premium starter. The key components are great to support your car on the road. It is lubricated so that it can cope with the toughest condition. This starter has been through a lot of testing to ensure that it can deliver the best performance to initiate the power of the engine. This is a premium product that will not disappoint you for sure. The warranty for this ACDelco is up to 24 months. So, the starter is protected for two years. The computer tests have proven that this ACDelco is durable and it can cope with the hardest condition on the road. It comes with the ISO Quality Standards that will ensure the consistent quality of the starter. This starter has also been measured and gauged so that it will fit perfectly.

4) Bosch SR0448X – BMW Premium Reman Starter

For the BMW car owner, the Bosch SR0448X – BMW Premium Reman Starter is a good product available on the aftermarket. As we know that Bosch is a decent brand that has proven its decent quality. It is a premium product that is not rebuilt. Instead, it is remanufactured. It has been tested using the most advanced technologies. To ensure that this unit can deliver the perfect performance, the tests had been put into the highest limit. It is the reason why this unit can handle the harsh situation at any time. This remanufacturing uses the best quality parts so that it can deliver better performance than the original one. You will find this product very useful and last for a long time. You will not need to worry about having issues with your starter so that your car will work just perfectly.

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5) TYC 1-17868 Acura MDX Replacement Starter

For the Acura brand, you can check this starter to see if it is going to be your best choice. This starter has been gone through a lot of tests to ensure that it has the perfect fit, function, and also the form. It also is built to meet the OE specifications. If you have this product, you have to know that it does not have the rebuilt internal components and recycled components. Another good value from this TYC 1-17868 Acura MDX Replacement Starter is it is designed for an individual car that needs power consumption. This is a perfect fit for your Acura car as it will keep you out of trouble and it is a good value for the money that you spend.


Those are the products that have good reviews on the market today. If you are searching for a decent quality starter unit, have a look at these brands as they have been proven to have remarkable quality and performance. Do not take it easy in finding the aftermarket starter because it can give you a lot of problems when it does not work properly. Nobody wants to have an issue to turn on the car engine so that the starter plays an important role here. The quality of the materials is essential as it will determine the durability of the starter. The starter that is worn out very easily will cost you more money at the end of the day. So, be very selective and do some research before you decide to purchase the starter for your vehicle. Nothing is better than driving a car without problems.

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