Top 5 Best Feeler Gauge Brands for Valve Adjustment

Measuring a gap in the machinery parts or adjusting valves clearance in car engine is a challenging job to do. It becomes even hard if you need an accurate result to find out the distance between the two parts. Fortunately, the feeler gauge is here for you. This tool helps you to do this tricky measuring process much easier and simpler. So, here, we have the best feeler gauge brands for you. Using the best product from these top brands is important. It gives you the correct and accurate result like what you want.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best feeler gauge brands for valve clearance adjustment in your car engine:

1) Hotop Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge (0.04-0.88 mm, 32 Blades)

The 32 blades available in its package allow you to have more options for measuring purpose. The blade is also available in metric and inch size. Use the one that you are familiar with. Hotop also designs the measuring number on the blade to be easier to read. It improves your working productivity with this simple design.

The most important element of a feeler gauge is the material. A strong, durable, not easy to get damaged, and change because of external factors material improve this tool performance. It means its accuracy won’t change easily. The feeler gauge with this kind of material will also last longer. And, guess what!? This feeler gauge uses that kind of material.

Hotop chooses the hardened tempered steel to make each blade. And, it’s not ordinary steel. It is 65 manganese-steels type. This material is well-known for its strength and durability. Furthermore, this manufacturer also adds antirust oil on its surface for more protection. Thanks to this extra protection, you don’t need to worry, if you use it a lot on the outdoor.

2) OEMTOOLS 25025 26 Blade Master Feeler Gauge

OEMTOOL is a famous brand for tools and equipment. They made not only a high-quality product but also a product with high performance. This feeler gauge is one of them. Using the tempered steel material for the blade part, it has higher durability than a standard feeler gauge. The plated main shaft also uses the chrome layer. This layer allows you to clean it easily. Furthermore, it gives it an appearance like a professional tool.

The accuracy is also another important thing of a feeler gauge. As for this part, OEMTOOLS uses laser technology to shape the blade and print the measurement numbers. By the way, the measurement number is available in two types, inches and millimeters.

Last but not least, this brand also uses a unique blade protector design. It has a thumb notch feature for easier blade removal. As you can see, this product offers everything that you need in a feeler gauge. You get durability, design, as well as a convenient feature for helping your task.

3) Lisle 68000 Mini Feeler Gauge

The next one, we have Lisle’s product. It only has 16 measurement blades. However, the quality of each blade as well as this tool as a whole is top-notch. The blade is made of hardened steel. It won’t change its shape. And, this material also keeps this tool accuracy at the highest level for a long time.

Speaking about the accuracy, you can see from its specification that this tool can provide the best precision job. You can use it to measure the gap or distance with its 0.010 inches to 0.035 inches blades. The size of the blade also allows you to use it comfortably. Its blade is ¼ inch wide and 1-3/4 inch long.

The darker finish also gives it a cool and elegant look. You feel like you are using professional or advanced types of equipment. And, by the way, it performs; it is indeed a professional tool you can use.

4) ABN Universal Standard SAE and Metric Offset Valve Feeler Gauge

ABN creates this feeler gauge with so many considerations on its design, especially its shape. Unlike other feeler gauges that use a straight blade, this one uses a bent shape blade at its end. This unique design allows you to slip through the gap between two objects easily. Moreover, it also can reach more space compared to the straight blade.

But, the best of this tool is how it was built. Using the latest technology, ABN uses hardened tempered steel to construct the body of this tool. Then, they coat it with lube oil for protecting it from corrosion. After that, all the 16 measurement blades are combined and put in its blade protector. This design gives its highest durability you can find on the feeler gauge. In short, it is a perfect tool for you.

This feeler gauge is not only a good choice for measuring the machinery component or engine. You can use it almost on many objects. Plus, the SAE standardization also gives you the most accurate result.

5) Hotop 2 Pack Steel Feeler Gauge (32 Blades Feeler Gauge)

This is another product by Hotop. This package will give you two feeler gauges. Each of them holds 26 blades for measuring the thickness of the gap or distance. Moreover, it has a foldable design. You can now easily store and carry this feeler gauge whenever you need it.

The material used for this product is similar to the first one. It uses 65 manganese-steels types. It is a very durable material for a feeler gauge. Furthermore, the blade is also detachable. Just use the thumb notch on the blade protector, whenever you need to remove it. With this feature, you can use the blade individually. If you want to get more from Hotop, this product is surely a good choice for you.

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Those five are the best feeler gauge brands on the market. As you can see, their products have the best quality, features, durability, and accuracy. Even though you can easily find and buy those products from the online store, they have professional-class quality. Choose any of them, whenever you want to buy a good feeler gauge.

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