5 Symptoms of a Bad Speed Sensor in Your Car

Speed sensor holds one of the most important roles in your car. First of all, this sensor will tell you information related to speed. For example, how fast you drive your car and how many Revolutions per Minutes (RPM) your car engine when you drive. On the other hand, the speed sensor also controls how fast your car runs on the automatic transmission car.

So, if this sensor has some problem, you can imagine that you will also get a lot of problems. In most cases, it can be really dangerous, if you drive in high speed. This is also the reason why you should know about the symptoms of a bad speed sensor in your car. That way you can prevent the problem and repair it as soon as possible.

Top 5 Symptoms

Below are the top 5 symptoms of a bad speed sensor in your car:

1) Cruise Control Malfunction

The cruise control needs detail information about your car speed. If the speed sensor is experienced some problem and unable to provide the information, the cruise control won’t be able to function properly. It can’t maintain the speed. So, try to activate this mode, if you want to detect the speed sensor problem.

2) Check Engine Light

The “Check Engine” light is another easy sign you can see for any problems in your car. It could be any problem. However, if your cruise control doesn’t work properly and this light turned on, that can be easily displayed the bad speed sensor problem.

3) Long Shifting Intervals

When you change the gear, in normal condition, the gear will change as soon as you change it. However, for a car with a speed sensor problem, there is slightly and even longer pause between gear changes. You can easily find it on the automatic transmission car. Maybe it is difficult to detect because you are concentrating on driving. However, you can feel it from the speed that doesn’t increase like it should be, if you change it to a higher gear.

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4) Shifting Problem

It happens along with the long shifting interval. For you who just start driving, maybe you won’t be able to detect this change. However, if you are using your car a lot, you will know that the time when you change the shifting stick there is some resistance in it. It becomes much harder and less smooth. Or, it also can change too fast when you just move it a little.

5) Speedometer Doesn’t Work Properly

The speedometer connected directly to the speed sensor system. The information that it displayed come from the information that comes from the speed sensor. So, you can see that the speedometer won’t work normally and even stop working when there is irregularity on the speed sensor. The speed sensor can’t send the correct information and make the speedometer stopped working.


Bad speed sensor problem maybe is the easiest problem to detect. So, you can easily find the problem and repair it. This will prevent further or worse problem happen to your car.

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