5 Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt in Your Car

In order to work properly, every part of the car engine must work together. For example, the power steering pump, water pump, air pump, alternator, and many others have to be able to work uniformly to produce the power and performance for your car to be able to run properly.

And, there is one part in your car that connects and moves all of those parts. It’s called a serpentine belt. So, you know what will happen if this belt is damaged or can’t work properly, don’t you? Below, we have information that you can use to detect that problem.

1. Malfunction Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner still worked well before, then it suddenly stops working, there is a possibility that it’s caused by the serpentine belt problem. This belt also controls the air conditioner function in the engine system. So, when this belt doesn’t work, you won’t find any cool air blown from the AC inside the car even though you turn it on.

2. Squealing Sounds

Usually, when your car serpentine belt is damaged, you will hear this sound come from the front side of your car. You can hear this sound when you drive your car or rev your engine. However, in many cases, this sound occurs because the serpentine belt is slipping or misaligned. Therefore, you need to put it back in its place. But, in other cases, the belt is damaged and you need to replace it.

3. Loss of Power Steering Functionality

Even though your car is said to have power steering function, but you feel it’s really heavy to turn the steering wheel that is another symptom of this problem. The serpentine belt operates the power steering system, so you can turn the steering wheel smoothly. Without its proper and good functionality, this feature won’t work like what it should be. Read also:

4. Overheated Engine

Just like we said before, the water pump also can work because of the serpentine belt. So, if this belt can’t work properly, the water that can cool down your engine won’t be delivered properly. When you use your car in a long period of time, it won’t be able to cool down. The heat that it is produced won’t go away easily. Yes, it still can cool down naturally, but it will take a very long time. And during that time, there is a possibility that other part of your engine will also be damaged because of the heat.

5. Cracks

This one is the visible symptoms you can see directly on your serpentine belt. Just open the hood and find the belt. It’s easy to find, by the way. If you can see there is damage or crack on the belt, you may need to replace it.


By looking at the importance of serpentine belt, you have to check this part regularly. Once it’s damaged, your car won’t be able to function normally. You even can’t drive your car anymore when the serpentine belt is damaged.

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