5 Symptoms of a Bad Flywheel in the Vehicle

A flywheel is an important part of your car engine system. This part will become the most important part that deals with torque changes when you start your engine. Therefore, it keeps your car performance stable. You won’t lose too much power and speed, which important for your trip. If your car flywheel is damaged or having some problem it can cause the whole car performance. Therefore, you need to know the sign of the problem in order to repair it as soon as possible.

1. Burning Smell

When you smell something burning inside your car, it also can be the sign of bad flywheel. The main reason is the flywheel condition is really bad. It can’t provide good protection for the clutch. The clutch has a special layer that protects its surface. And, when it doesn’t have protection, this glaze layer will be damaged because of the heat that produces the burning smell.

2. Clutch Drag

This is another symptom that you can get because of the bad flywheel. Basically, you won’t be able to change the gear because the clutch doesn’t release the gear that you used before. This could be dangerous when you drive at high speed.

3. Gear Slipping

You will experience this condition a lot, especially when you use higher gear, starting from 3rd gear. You can still feel that the engine running and even revving when you kick the accelerator pedal. However, you won’t feel any power in your car. Mostly, it’s because the clutch is slipping. And, because this happens a lot, it also wears out the flywheel. If you keep this condition for too long, the gear slipping will become even worse and happen frequently.

4. Clutch Chatter

It happens because the clutch can’t grab the gear firmly because the flywheel condition makes it skip too much. It will grab and releases the gear which gives you stutter feeling or even vibration when you change the gear. Mostly, it happens when you try to start the car and move the gear when your car is in the stop condition. However, it can happen in many gears.

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5. Vibration on Clutch Pedal

The clutch chatter also causes the vibration on the clutch pedal. You will feel it when you try to press it with your foot when you try to move the gear. The vibration comes from the condition where the spring part in the flywheel is damaged or gone bad. The spring has the main function to reduce the vibration. So, it’s normal if you get the vibration when this part is damaged or can’t work properly.


Those are 5 symptoms that you can detect easily. If you drive your car a lot, you will feel those symptoms easily when that happens. However, there are also many other symptoms that show the bad flywheel effect. And, you must visit the car workshop in order to find the symptoms. This is also the reason why you should check your car regularly in order to prevent this problem.

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