Top 5 Best Aftermarket Serpentine Belt Brands for Your Car

Every automobile has a vital component called a serpentine belt. It is one long continuous belt that provides mechanical power to several different devices in the car, such as the air compressor, power steering pump, alternator, air pump, and water pump. You need a strong and healthy serpentine belt if all of these other devices are going to function correctly.

The serpentine belt passes over several different pulleys. Idler pulleys are also used to guide the belt and to prevent it from slipping. These pulleys put tension against the belt, causing it to form a “serpentine shape.” That is why the belt is called a serpentine belt. It is a curved shape that resembles the shape of a snake (or serpent).

You’ll know when your serpentine belt starts to wear out because you will hear a lot of strange noises coming from it. These will be loud noises that are rather unpleasant to tolerate. If you don’t replace your serpentine belt soon, then your peripheral devices will eventually stop working too.

You can find a lot of different brands of serpentine belts available in the aftermarket. There is no need to stick with serpentine belts made by their original manufacturers. A lot of third-party auto parts suppliers and manufacturers create serpentine belts that are equal to or better than the original serpentine belts of a vehicle.

Our Best Picks

To help you with your search, below are the top 5 best aftermarket serpentine belt brands for your car.

1) Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

The Bando 6PK2135 Serpentine Belt comes from a well-known rubber manufacturing brand. Bando develops some of the best rubber-based products in the world. One of their products happens to be serpentine belts for cars.

The 6PK2135 model contains highly durable synthetic rubber ribs, which are designed to tolerate wear and tear for a long time. Its cords can tolerate high horsepower engines without stretching or wearing down fast.

Meanwhile, its proprietary technology allows the belt to run quietly in the background. You will only hear the belt if something is wrong with it. That is how you will know to replace it quickly.

If you do a lot of driving with heavy loads to carry around, then you will want the Bando 6PK2135 as your vehicle’s serpentine belt. Just make sure it can fit in your car because it won’t fit in every vehicle.

2) ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt

The ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt is constructed of EPDM rubber, which is a synthetic rubber that is formulated to be durable, quiet, and long-lasting. This combination of qualities will ensure that you receive a dependable and reliable performance from the belt. EPDM rubber does not crack and has temperature resistant attributes as well.

The V-Belt and V-Ribbed nature of the ACDelco 6K930 Serpentine Belt makes it suitable for heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and vans. But you can also use it in standard passenger cars too. There is a total of 6 ribs on the belt, which is just over 93 inches long.

3) Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt

The Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt is an “Amazon’s Choice” product on the Amazon website because of its high number of positive reviews and 5-star ratings. The serpentine belt is compatible with both trucks and cars. However, you must verify whether your particular model vehicle is compatible with the Gates K081264HD. You can do that on the Amazon product page for it.

The dimensions of the package for the serpentine belt are 13.15” x 4.54” x 1.3”. The actual length of the belt is 127 inches, with a width of 1.09 inches.

4) Continental 4060855 OE Technology Series Multi-V Belt

The Continental 4060855 is a highly rated serpentine belt product that is compatible with select vehicles. It is constructed with a straight-ribbed design, which is recommended by most auto repair technicians. It has a 6-rib construction on a V-belt that is approximately 88.2 inches long.

This construction allows the belt to be more durable and last for a longer time. Not only that, but the riding experience will be much quieter with this belt installed as well. Precision engineers have tested the Continental 4060855 to ensure its quality and performance. Between its shear resistance and height strength, you will be pleased with the results.

Continental is a significant supplier brand of OE products, especially products that pertain to automobiles. You’ll need to plug in your vehicle information on the product page to determine if this serpentine belt is compatible with your vehicle.

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5) Motorcraft JK6865B V Belt

The Motorcraft JK6865B V Belt was manufactured in China. However, the Motorcraft brand is one of the most recognized brands in the aftermarket auto parts industry. The serpentine belt is 86 inches long and 6.5 inches in width. The cords are made from sturdy polyester for stretch resistance. You won’t have to worry about slippage, even in vehicles with high horsepower engines.

The Motorcraft JK6865B is compatible with many different make and model vehicles. You can find out if your car is compatible with the belt by visiting its Amazon product page. The Ford Motor Company recommends the Motorcraft JK6865B for most Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln cars. The installation is relatively simple for anyone with experience installing serpentine belts. Check the instructions to get further clarification on the installation.

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