5 Best Stripped Lug Nut Remover and Extractor Tools (Sockets)

Best Stripped Lug Nut Remover and Extractor Tools

A lug nut is one of the important parts of a car. Without it, your car wheel won’t be fixed in its axle. In other words, your car won’t be able to run. Even though it’s an important part, there is a time when this part turns into one of the most annoying things you ever find on a car. It’s when its side has been chipped, which is also known as a stripped lug nut. You can’t open it with the ordinary lug wrench. In this article, we’ll explore the best stripped lug nut remover and extractor tools.

Best Stripped Lug Nut Remover and Extractor Tools

Below are the top 5 best stripped lug nut remover and extractor tools. They will help you to get the broken lug nut out easily.


This is one of the best USA made lug nut removal you can find on the market. The precise design allows you to remove, not only stripped lug nut. If your lug nut is rusted or even frozen, this tool can get it out easily.

ROCKETSOCKET use the 100% USA steel. It is all for providing the best quality lug nut extractor socket that meets the professional standard. Buy at amazon >>

2) IRWIN HANSON Lugnut Extractor Set, 5-Piece (54125)

This product enters our list because of its versatility and durability. The versatility can be seen from the design of the socket. IRWIN uses a clever design that looks like reverse spiral flutes inside, which give it stronger gripping power. It is very helpful when you try to remove the old damaged lug nut. The lug nut mostly is fixed with the socket because of the age. And, the high gripping power is needed in this situation.

And, as we mentioned above, durability is also our consideration to put it in our list. This product is made of high carbon steel. This material can last much longer than the other lighter material used on lug nut remover. Moreover, it also can provide better strength to remove the stuck lug nut. The last part that we also like is the case. It keeps the extractor pieces in one place, so you don’t need to worry about losing it. Moreover, this small case is also easy to carry around. Buy at amazon >>

3) ABN Twist Socket Set Lug Nut Remover Extractor Tool

This tool was built to last. Just see what kind of material that ABN used to make this tool. It is an HRC 50-53 hardened alloy steel. Furthermore, they also add it with a black oxide finish. The alloy steel gives it strength and hardness that is needed to remove that annoying lug nut. Then, the finish that coated the whole surface of the tool, protect it from the external factor that can give it damage. Moreover, this finish also makes this tool looks cool.

Each of the tools has the ½ inch of square drive. This design allows you to use it with any wrench drives you use. You also can use it with ratchet, breaker bar or hand wrench. The product itself consists of four sockets and one punch nut removal bar. The socket is available in 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm, and 22 mm size. Then, with the 12 mm drift punch nut removal bar, you can easily remove the lug nut that sticks inside the socket. Heavy-duty, last longer, and easy to use, that’s enough to make it one of the best tools you can use. Buy at amazon >>

4) Astro Pneumatic Tool 7404

You can find four sockets you can use with your tool inside. Even though it is just four, they are designed to be compatible with 90% of the stripped lug nut type. So, get this product, and you get a solution to almost all your problems.

The protective sleeves free spin is also a great addition. This part looks simple. However, it helps you to keep the sleeves fixed in a place when you are rotating the socket to remove the damaged lug nut. The inside of the socket has a special design for a better grip. The best of all, you also can use it to tighten your new lug nut without damaging it. Buy at amazon >>

5) Twist Socket Set (5 Piece)

This is maybe the simplest stripped lug nut remover you can find in the store. The product consists of several sockets with different sizes. There are four sizes in it, which is 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm, and 22 mm sockets. The best of all, this design is compatible with socket tools. However, if you want to use the impact remover type, you also can combine it with this product.

Then, it also included a molded case and breaker bar. These two will help you to remove stripped lug nut easily. Overall, this product offers everything that you need to remove lug nuts. So, it’s indeed, one of the best products you can find in the store.

Furthermore, among damaged lug nut removers, you can find on the market, this Shankly product is one of the most affordable. You don’t need to spend too much money. And, you get the best lug nut remover to deal with your problem. Buy at amazon >>

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Stripped lug nut remover may not be the tool that you use regularly. However, when you need it, it becomes the most important tool you must have. The list of five tools above is a great reference for you to find and buy the best stripped lug nut remover.

How to Remove Stripped Lug Nuts from Your Car Tires

If this problem has never happened to you before, you might look at this title somewhat bemused and think, “What exactly is a stripped lug nut?” The lug nuts, of course, are the heavy-duty nuts that hold your wheel in place on your car. When you want to change your tire, you have to unscrew these lug nuts to allow the wheel to come free.

But what if the chrome-plated steel that is typically used as the coating of the lug nut somehow comes off? That coating is shaped and angled to allow specialist tools to grip the lug nut, apply torque and loosen it when needed. If the coating is stripped, then what you have is a stripped lug nut and a potentially serious problem.

Fortunately, there are some solutions to removing these stripped lug nuts from their stubborn place.

Solution #1: Using a Lug Nut Extractor Tool Socket (Recommended)

Extractors are tools made especially for the purpose of dealing with stripped nuts. They come in different sizes, but most quality kits that are useful for mechanics (including DIY mechanics) will include a set of 5 different sizes. Take one that fits around the lug nut, usually a ¾-inch model will do. If you look closely, you’ll see the swirl/thread pattern on the inside is the reverse of your lug nut, which is what helps provide enough force to remove even stripped lug nuts.

Place the socket over the lug nut and then tap it on with a hammer. As you hammer, you might notice the socket turn ever so slightly. That turn shows that it is firmly in place. Next, take a long-handle ratchet, and then pull the ratchet with a nice steady force — don’t jerk it — you should steadily feel the lug nut start to give. You can choose the socket from the top 5 best stripped lug nut remover and extractor tools below:

Using a dedicated lug nut extractor tool socket is the safest and often most effective way to remove stripped lug nuts. We recommend that you try this method first before attempting any of the others below.

Solution #2: Using a Chisel

This second method is effective, but only advised for those with a steady hand and who perhaps don’t have expensive alloy rims to ruin. You take cold chisel, and place it vertically over the affected lug nut. You then hammer on the chisel to create downward force into the nut. It should create a groove in the top of the nut.

With your cold chisel now entrenched in the groove, you can turn it to a 45-degree angle so it’s pointing down and left at the lug nut, and start pounding again. Now the force will push the lug nut in the loosening direction, hopefully loosening it enough for you to then use a conventional ratchet to get at it.

This method is especially useful when lug nuts have been screwed on too tightly and that’s what caused the stripping to occur when using regular removal methods.

Solution #3: Using a 12-point Socket Wrench

A 12-point socket is more effective than a 6-point socket, so you’ll need one for this job, as well as a ratchet and an extension pole. First of all, please note that you should only use an old 12-point socket that you no longer need. It’s more than likely that the socket will be unusable in its normal function after it helps you with the stripped lug nut.

Place the 12-point socket over the lug nut and hammer it with enough force to make it firmly stay in place. Next, take your ratchet and position it over the socket. Attach the extension pole and use the leverage to create more torque and shift the stubborn lug nut from its spot.

Solution #4: Using a Hand-held Grinder

Finally, you can solve the problem of a lack of edges for your wrench to grip onto with the use of a hand-held grinder. This tool can be used to create new edges on the stripped lug nut, which you can then use to position your wrench better and unscrew the lug nut as you normally would. This way is a little trickier and takes a little skill with the grinder. If you’ve never used a grinder before, then we recommend you try one of the above two methods.

Conclusion: Never Give Up with Stripped Lug Nuts

No matter how troublesome or desperate the situation may appear at first, you can use any of the four above methods to remove even the most stubborn stripped lug nut.

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