Top 5 Best Steering Wheel Covers for Hot and Cold Weather

Steering wheel cover that feels great to use in hot or cold weather gives you so many benefits. It helps you to move the steering wheel comfortably. It also improves your driving concentration with its convenience feature. Currently, we can find this kind of steering wheel cover on the store easily. Many brands and manufactures are available and they also provide different types of style and design.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best steering wheel covers for hot and cold weather for your car:

1) Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Speaking about steering wheel cover that gives you maximum comfort, this product is the best example. Its entire design is full of the best touch to improve your convenience level. Starting from the material used to how it creates a nice feeling within your grip, Rueesh gives a lot of attention to this matter.

First of all, it is made of soft microfiber with breathable holes and a sweat absorbent layer. Then, this material is covered with an anti-slip matte finish. This combination creates one of the best comfort features you can find on a steering wheel cover. And, thanks to this design, this product is a perfectly suitable addition in our list of the best steering wheel covers for hot and cold weather.

Then, the outer design confirms it as one of the best steering wheel covers. The perfect stitching forming elegant lines covering your steering wheel cover adds more value to its appearance. In short, features, performance, and beauty are the best you can get.

2) BDK SW899 Black (15.5-16.5) Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

BDK SW899 is one of the best car steering wheel covers made of leather. It uses genuine leather material. This 100% genuine leather feels nice on your hand. Furthermore, it is combined with very beautiful monochromatic stitching. The stitching lines that run along the side of the cover become a gorgeous decoration for this steering wheel cover.

SW899 is also designed to be a universal steering wheel cover. Its various size and diameter (15.5-16.5) available on the store can perfectly cover the steering wheel. So, you will get the optimal benefits from its features. Furthermore, the unique Traction Contours along the side of the cover improve the control. You don’t need to worry about slipping when you hold the steering wheel while you drive. It is very useful when you drive on hazardous conditions or roads.

In short, BDK is not only designed to be a comfortable steering wheel cover for your car. However, it is also beautiful for your interior. Install it and it will improve your car interior value significantly.

3) Motor Trend SW-814 Steering Wheel Cover

Motor Trend is a well-known brand for top-quality accessories for cars. This steering wheel cover is one of them. It is designed to provide the best protection for your steering wheel. In many cases, the steering wheel will be cracked and peeled thanks to the repeated contact with your hand. It happens a lot in the car that is used regularly for travel. SW-814 prevents that problem. No need to worry about dirt or fingermark on your steering wheel.

Enhancing the traction and control is another standard feature of steering wheel cover this product also has. However, Motor Trend especially designs it so the traction grooves are placed on the right position where your hand holds the steering wheel. You won’t easily lose the grip, thanks to this unique design. For the best in protection and comfort, Motor Trend SW-814 is your choice.

4) Rayauto Steering Wheel Cover

Summer will make you sweat a lot. When it is attached to your steering wheel, it can cause many problems. This product solves that problem magnificently. It uses special material with a unique design that will give you the most comfortable feeling in summer. Moreover, this same design and material also give you a warmer feeling when you hold your steering wheel in winter.

It uses the combination of memory foam and rubber, which give it a more flexible design to match your steering wheel and driving habit. Then, this material is also combined with a breathable design. This is the key to the most comfortable driving in summer.

Raysell, the company that made this product, also uses the standard size. However, it is compatible with many kinds of steering wheel sizes on almost all cars. Once you install it, it won’t only improve the driving comfort. But, it also protects the steering wheel finish and material. It is very useful for cars with an exotic type of steering wheel.

5) Unique Imports Premium Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover 

The last product in our list of best steering wheel cover for hot and cold weather is the Unique Imports product. The design, even though it looks simple, is very functional. It uses faux leather, which gives it better durability as well as easy to maintain. This material also allows it to perfectly adjust with any steering wheel size (as long as it is in the 13.5-14.5 inches range). This is also an eco-friendly material that is processed using a sealed process. Plus, the double stitch design also gives it more durability.


Which one is the best steering wheel cover for hot and cold weather? It depends on your preference. Choose one that you think matches your steering wheel size as well as its condition or features you want to add on your steering wheel’s protection. That way you will get the best product that gives you more than you ever imagine.

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Tips for choosing steering wheel Cover for your car

As we mention above, steering wheel covers can be beneficial to most drivers. They make it easier to grip the steering wheel, especially if you have moist or wet hands. And if you choose the right material for your cover, it can protect your steering wheel from getting worn out too quickly. If you wish to maintain the leather finish of your steering wheel, then you’ll find a cover to be highly beneficial.

There are a plethora of steering wheel covers available on the market. Which one is the best for your car? Below are the top six tips for choosing a steering wheel cover for your car. They should guide you in the right direction as you shop for steering wheel covers online or in-person at an auto parts store.

1) Consider the Outside Temperature

Do you want a steering wheel cover to keep your hands warm as you drive? Many people find themselves having cold, dry hands when they drive around in colder regions of the country. If you’re in this type of situation, then you need a steering wheel cover that is soft and comforting to your hands.

In that case, look for a foamy or spongy steering wheel cover where your hands can sink into them. It is an excellent alternative in situations where you don’t have gloves to wear on your hands.

2) Heated Steering Wheel Covers

Some steering wheel covers can emit heat. All you do is plug them into the available 12V outlet in your vehicle. Then you can turn on the heat to your steering wheel cover and let them heat your cold hands. It will not only warm your cold hands, but it will also create more heat for the car as well.

3) Choose Nice Aesthetics

Steering wheel covers can upgrade the interior fashion of your vehicle. Rather than choose solid colors for your cover, you can choose between various textures and designs. You’ll find wheel covers with dinosaurs, birds, animals, camouflage, and the list goes on. Let this be an opportunity to create an original and interesting interior car design.

4) Leather Material for a Better Grip

Another reason why people use wheel covers is to get a better grip on their wheels. If you find your hand slipping frequently, it could be time to add a leather wheel cover grip to your steering wheel. Leather is natural, strong and durable, so it is easy for your hands to stay attached to it. Just make sure you clean and maintain it periodically.

5) Compatibility

Steering wheel covers are compatible with most steering wheels. But since steering wheels are not all designed the same, you’ll want to make sure your particular steering wheel cover will fit onto your steering wheel. Sometimes a cover might cover up the buttons and additional features on a steering wheel. Make sure this does not happen.

6) Choose the Right Size

Steering wheels are not all the same size. Some steering wheels are smaller than others. That is why you should measure your steering wheel before purchasing a cover. Use a measuring tape to measure the diameter of the steering wheel. After that, start shopping for a cover which matches the diameter.

Last Words

Remember that steering wheel covers are not permanent. If you ever get tired of a particular cover after a few months or years, you can easily replace it with a new cover. It doesn’t require a professional mechanic to install, uninstall, or replace a steering wheel cover. Anyone can figure out how the installation process works. It is usually a slip on and slip off process.

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