Top 5 Best Replacement Brake Shoes for Your Car

Corrosion and premature wear are the two most common car brake problems. One way to solve the problem is by using the best brake shoes. High-quality brake shoes improve the performance of the car brake systems as well as keep the brake shear strength while reducing noise and vibration.

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The list below is the top 5 best replacement / aftermarket brake shoes for your car

1) ACDelco 17960BF1 Professional Rear Brake Shoe

This is a high-quality brake shoe that helps to achieve the most proper metallurgy and correct brake plate thickness. By replacing the old brake shoe with this product, you can solve the braking problem because the car will have more consistent braking. This product is manufactured by the latest machine so it reaches the correct shoe-to-drum contact. It also helps to improve the shear strength to achieve the best bond integrity.

The manufacturer understands that a good rear brake shoe has to be able to eliminate chatter and rear-wheel lockup. Because of that, this product is designed along with a particular contour or cam ground. Based on the explanation, the manufacturer follows the OE standard design, especially on the chamfer angle and vane configuration. The design is suitable for GM vehicles. You don’t need to do any additional treatment to install this brake shoe. The product is ready to use by the time you open the package.

2) Wagner Z538R Riveted Brake Shoe Set

The braking system is one of the most important factors in a car. A car with a good braking system improves the safety of the users. One of the best break shoes you can use Wagner Z538R Riveted Brake Shoe Set. The manufacturer designs the product to give an optimal braking performance in cars. Just like the ACDelco brake shoe, Wagner brake shoe is also manufactured based on the OE design standard to achieve its goal. The manufacturer also designs the product with a precision ground material. The main function of this design is to maximize friction-to-drum contact for a more maximal braking performance.

You will get a brake shoe set with the attached levers and pins on the package. Users said that this brake shoe set is easy to install so they can finish it faster than installing ordinary brake shoes. They are also happy with the affordable price and quality of the product. The most important thing is that it works just like what they are expected in which helps to dissipate the heat from the braking system.

3) Raybestos 314PG Professional Grade Drum Brake Shoe Set

If you often use your car in a variety of terrains, just consider replacing the old brake shoe with Raybestos 314PG professional grade drum brake shoe set. The manufacturer launches this product to support your car to achieve the highest braking performance. As a result, you can use the braking system maximally no matter the types of terrains. At least, you can use the braking system well in urgent conditions. The manufacturer also chooses high-quality materials such as semi-metallic, ceramic, and organic friction materials.

Another braking system is noise and vibration. The manufacturer understands these problems so the team creates a brake shoe set with shim materials which can reduce the noise, vibration, and also harshness. The process is done by following the Original Equipment design standard to achieve its highest consistency and function. This product is also supported by abutment clips and integral electronic wear sensors to boost its functions.

4) Centric Parts 111.08040 Brake Shoe

This brake shoe is a little bit different than the brake shoes above. If all of the aftermarket brake shoes brands above are applicable for cars, Centric brake shoe is not only suitable for all cars. The design is suitable for some car only such as the 2008 Toyota Tacoma. It shows a positive result after replacing the old brake shoe with this product. For example, the braking system is better along with no noise anymore. Moreover, this product is easy to install even for beginners. You just need to use basic hand tools and follow the instructions to replace the brake shoe. Indeed, it helps a lot when you have to replace the brake shoe in urgent conditions. People are happy because they find a high-quality brake shoe set at an affordable price. The drawback is that you will not see the retaining rings so you have to provide the rings by yourself. The good news is that the price of the rings are cheap although you have to install it by yourself.

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5) EBC Brakes 333 Brake Shoe

Another recommended brake shoe set to improve the brake performance of your car is EBC Brakes 333 brake shoe. The first thing that makes this product included on the list is the producing process. The manufacturer is using high-pressure die-cast aluminum platforms with bonded brake lining for a more durable brake shoe. All of the brake shoes here are designed along with the Original Equipment style standard including the radius ground, edge trimmed and many more. The design meets the high –quality standard as well as effective enough to boost the braking system of your car. That’s why it is considered as one of the best brake shoes for cars.

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