5 Best Epicenter for Your Car Audio (Bass Restoration Processor)

Epicenter is a bass restoration processor for your car audio system. Anyone who listens to music in their cars will understand the importance of hearing low frequencies. Some people might install subwoofers in their cars to listen to the low frequencies better, but it won’t solve the problem completely.

A bass restoration processor uses digital technology to completely restore the bass sounds that would usually be eliminated with standard car audio equipment. You can play music with the lowest possible hitting bass sounds and hear them all. How cool is that?

Epicenter allows you to listen to all your favorite bass-dominant music genres in your car, such as folk, classical, and jazz. When the processor receives a low-bass signal from the audio file, it amplifies the bass response to extreme heights. A subsonic filter ensures the low-bass sounds efficient and fine-tuned.

You’ll still need subwoofers to play the sound, of course. But when the Epicenter works in conjunction with the subwoofers, you will hear the ultimate low-bass playback that you’ve never heard before. Everyone around you on the road will turn their heads and clearly hear the bass harmonics. So, imagine how clearly you will hear them too!

The Epicenter comes with an owner’s manual, 20-foot RJ-14 cable, quality control checklist, and remote control. It is not too difficult to install the processor if you have basic knowledge of car audio system installations or know how to follow technical instructions. If you don’t have any experience, you should hire a professional to assist you.

Best Epicenter (Bass Restoration Processor)

If you are a car audio enthusiast, you would know the difference between the audio set that is using an Epicenter and not. Originally, the Epicenter is patented by AudioControl, but you can find other brands that have the same function. Below are the top 5 best best epicenter for your car audio.

1) AudioControl The EPICENTER Black Bass Restoration Processor

As a pioneer, AudioControl’s Epicenter is a popular bass-enhancer on the market. The bass circuit comes in 9.5Vrms Pre-amp Max Output for a maximum effect on sounds. Not only that, but the system also allows you to adjust the treble, boost, and cut.

The output has a balancing feature that cancels noise so that you can get a clearer sound. Price-wise, the AudioControl Epicenter is a valuable buy, especially for those who are new into the audio setting. Buy at amazon >>

2) Soundstream BX-20Z Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor

Iconic with its spider logo design, Soundstream BX-20Z Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor comes with remote control for easy adjustment and tuning. It has 2 LED lights that tells you whether the circuit is activated.

It is called a bass reconstruction processor because it gives a bass tune even in music that doesn’t have it. To avoid the loudspeakers and subwoofers from being damaged, the product is completed with PFM subsonic filter switch. Note that even though it enhances the bass tune, it does not in any way help the music to sound clearer. Buy at amazon >>

3) AudioControl LC2i 2 Channel Line Out Converter with AccuBASS and Subwoofer Control

Another product from AudioControl. A bit different from its predecessor, AudioControl LC2i has two channels for sound input. Each channel accepts 400-watt signals which are powerful enough for car audio.

In this series, AudioControl introduces the AccuBass processing feature. It works not only to reconstruct bass sounds, but also to correct the existing bass. Aside from the sound quality it offers, the bass-enhancer has a sturdy body and an elegant design. Buy at amazon >>

4) Hifonics BXIPRO1.0 Digital Bass Enhancement Processor with Dash Mount

The BXIPRO1.0 process the bass and send it back to the output line enhanced. It comes with a knob that would be one of the most important things when you use the product.

The maximum input signal is on 15v, and the output is on 12.2v at maximum. With a dimension of 11.9 x 2.6 x 9.6 inches, it can be installed easily as it already has a dash mount on it. Buy at amazon >>

5) AudioControl Epicenter Car Audio Digital Bass Equalizer White

It is no doubt that AudioControl Epicenter is one of the best epicenter for car audio. In this model, they promote 0.005% harmonic distortion and a frequency response between 10 Hz and 10000 Hz. It would result in a lower bass tune but less damaging to your loudspeakers.

The fact that the product comes in white and black version shows that the manufacturer thinks about the appearance when the product is mounted in your car. You can have it blend in with your original dashboard kit.

Despite its small dimension of 9.4 x 11.9 x 3.4 inches, this AudioControl Epicenter brings out a heart-pounding bass you would never hear in other bass boosters.

While you may enjoy a lower bass sound, you may also need to see the capacity of your loudspeaker. If you are using the car’s genuine audio speaker, see if it tolerates with a low bass pump. In many cases, the loudspeaker can damage the kit when the bass is pushed too low.


For some music enthusiasts, having a crisp and clear sound with pumping bass is what a music experience should be. With the help of those 5 best epicenter for car audio, a long trip would feel shorter as you enjoy the ride with the music on.

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Things to Consider to get the Best Epicenter

There are many things that you need to look out for when choosing a bass restoration processor for your car. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Maximum output

The top reason why you are looking to add an Epicenter to your car is that you want to improve the bass quality of your car’s audio. Therefore, for you to get the best out of this, you will need to consider the maximum output offered by the brand selling the Epicenter. This factor determines the bass quality that your car’s audio will produce.

  1. Noise cancellation feature

Another important thing that you need to consider to get the best Epicenter is the noise cancellation feature. This primary feature eliminates the surrounding noise to give the car audio an amazing sound. For the bass to be heard well, the surrounding noise should be canceled.

  1. Remote control

You need power in your hands if you are looking for the best bass restoration processor for your car audio. Having a remote control is a great feature that helps in making adjustments easy for the car owner. Furthermore, the remote control makes it possible to access all the features of the Epicenter with ease. For example, you can adjust, boost, and cut using a remote control.

  1. Corrects existing bass

The best Epicenter should not only reconstruct bass sounds but also correct the existing bass. Some car audios have a good inbuilt bass, which should be corrected to make them even better. So, instead of reconstructing all sounds, a good Epicenter should identify good sounds and correct them. This is an added feature of the best Epicenters.

  1. Appearance

Another top factor that you need to consider is the appearance of the Epicenter. A basic black and white Epicenter will look beautiful in your car. You should also mind the look of your car so that the experience becomes wholesome.

With these tips, you will find a good Epicenter that can help you to restore good bass in your car’s audio.

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