5 Causes of an ABS Lights On in Your Car

Modern vehicles are completed with an anti-lock braking system. It functions to keep the driver safe by avoiding the wheels to lock up whenever you brake. If there is an issue with the anti-lock braking system, there will be a warning light on the dashboard that comes up as a sign. So, what can cause the ABS lights come on in the car? Here are some of the reasons that you should pay attention to.

#1. Low Level of Fluid Reservoir

The first common reason to cause the ABS light on in the car is the low level of the fluid reservoir. The braking component comes with a specific role to hold the anti-lock braking system’s fluid at the right level. If there is an issue with the fluid reservoir then fluid level will lower or otherwise, there will be an excessive amount of fluid in the braking system. As a result, the ABS warning light will automatically on the dashboard.

#2. Speed Sensor Issue

The ABS warning light will also on in the car if there is an issue with the speed sensor. This component has a specific purpose to calculate the wheel’s movement rate. The information will be then transferred to the anti-lock braking system. In this way, the wheels will keep the move in their normal speed. The anti-lock braking system will detect if there is an issue with the speed sensor that leads the wheels to maintain their normal speed. That is why the ABS warning light will on to give you a sign.

#3. Faulty System Module

The bad module will lead the anti-lock braking system to form corrosion. This becomes one of the most common issues that often associated with the anti-lock braking system. The module will not be able to provide information from the wheel speed sensor if the component is corroded. Once the spare part fails to do its function, the ABS light will illuminate in the car. Interestingly, you don’t even need to wait until there is a lot of corrosion on the module to cause the failure system. Make sure to replace the module with the new one if you find any corrosion there.

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#4. Bulb Check

Modern vehicles will also perform bulb check on the dashboard. In this way, the driver will make it easier to check if the warning lights of the vehicle work properly or not. If there is a problem with bulbs, they will turn off. In some cases, the problems that occur in the bulbs will cause the ABS warning lights to keep illuminate even if there is no problem with the anti-lock braking system.

#5. Hydraulic Pump Issue

The wheel speed sensor will automatically detect a problem whenever there is a wheel that moves at a different speed. It then activates the hydraulic pump to increase the amount of pressure of the car’s brake fluid. In this way, all the wheels will move at the same speed. However, the worn-out hydraulic pump will also cause a problem to the anti-lock braking system. Thus, the ABS warning light will on to give you a sign that there is a problem.

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