5 Causes of a Car Starts Then Dies After Few Seconds

Your car is supposed to start soon after you turn it on. However, it might come to a point when your car seems to successfully start but it then soon dies after a few seconds. If it happens quite often, you need to find the real reasons behind it to solve the problem. Generally, there are 5 common causes why your car starts then dies soon afterward.

#1. Leaky Fuel Pump

If your car fails to start after a couple of attempts, you might suspect that there is a leak on the fuel injection system or fuel pump. The leak causes the pump fails to supply your car with a proper amount of fuel. In this way, the internal combustion process will not be able to make the car’s engine to start or running. That is why your car will die soon after you start it.

#2. Fuel Injection Sensor Problem

If there is no leaky problem with your fuel pump, you need to check out the fuel injection sensor. The fuel injector of your car needs the right amount of fuel to make the internal combustion chamber works. The fuel injection sensor functions to keep tracking the information related to the amount of pressure resulted from the fuel. If your car engine doesn’t get the right information about the amount of pressure receive, then it will die soon after you start the car. So, you need to make sure that the sensor properly works so that your car could be started and run.

#3. Ignition Problem

The next common reason that makes your car starts and immediately dies afterward is there is a problem with the ignition. This is a part of your car engine which responsible to produce the spark. It will then ignite the fuel and air mixture which usually found in the internal combustion chamber. That is why the spark will not be able to produce a full ignition if there is a problem with the ignition system. As a result, your car will die soon after you attempt to start it.

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#4. Carburetor Issue

The carburetor is part of your car which functions to adjust the fuel and air properly. This is aimed to make sure that combustion will work properly in the engine. If you can’t start your car successfully, you need to check out the carburetor. The spare part will throw off the ratio of fuel and air if there is an issue with it. Your engine’s combustion will also be ruined as a result.

#5. Engine Control Unit Problem

Last but not least. Another thing you have to check if you have a problem in turning on your car is the engine control unit. This spare part is responsible to manage all the sensors and electronic components of your car virtually. If there is a problem with the engine control unit, it will not be able to control the fuel injection system properly. That is why you will get difficulty to run your car after you attempt to start it up.

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