Top 10 Best Class D Car Amps for under 300

The Class D car amp often becomes the first option for upgrading your car audio performance. This car amplifier type has better efficiency than the other type, such as the Class AB amplifier. Furthermore, you also have so many products to choose from the available product in the store. It means any kind of car audio system has a perfect couple of amplifiers in this class that you can buy. However, upgrading your car amp could cost you a lot. Mostly, you have to pay thousands of dollars to do that. Here we have the best choices for top-quality car amplifiers you can buy with a $300 budget.

Best Class D Car Amps for under 300

1) Planet Audio AC5000.1D Class D Car Amplifier – 5000 Watt

Our first recommendation is the product from Planet Audio. This AC5000 car amplifier has big power output. It produces 5000 Watts maximum power, which will give your car audio system a huge boost in its performance. Moreover, you also can combine several of these car amplifiers to produce a more power output.

It also uses a compact design. The small dimension allows you to put it on almost any space inside your car. The weight and size reduction lowers the power consumption. Moreover, the more compact circuit also improves its efficiency.

Planet Audio also adds several features to improve its performance. First of all, it has a variable subsonic filter. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to experience the out frequencies problem on your subwoofer. Furthermore, you also get a better driving experience.

Other than that, it also has variable low-pass crossover to support the different low-range frequencies sound production. Then, the variable bass boost also allows you to adjust the bass range that you like. You are in total control. This device will give you the best performance and sound that match your preference.

2) Hifonics BRX3016.1D Brutus Mono Super D-Class 3000W Car Amplifier

Hifonics also released one of the best car amplifiers under 300 you can try. This device provides a 3000 Watts power output which gives you a powerful addition to your car audio system. Furthermore, this product is also a strappable type amplifier. It means you can make a bridge with more amplifiers to create more power output for your car audio system.

Hifonics use the ultra-fine MOSFETs circuit in this car amplifier. This circuit type allows it to perform at its best capability. Moreover, this circuit also improves the usage of the power from your battery. Therefore, if you are looking for a car amplifier with the best power efficiency, Hifonics BRX3016.1D is your best choice. This feature also provides better sound quality once you connect it to your car audio system.

Once you installed it, you will feel the significant differences in your car audio quality. The mid and high-range sound becomes even clear. Then, the bass quality improves a lot. Get ready for super bass quality. It will surprise you.

3) Taramp’s HD 3000 1 Ohm Class D Car Amplifier

Taramp’s HD car amplifier is one of the best options you can find on the market. The HD series is popular among car owners. They always look for the product from this series to find the car amplifier that can improve their car audio performance.

One of the best qualities that the HD series has is the feature to improve your car’s audio bass range. The power output reaches the maximum of 3000 Watts. This amount of power adds several levels to the bass, which gives it a total blast after you install it correctly. Moreover, the Bass Booster feature also is the other reason why this car amplifier can give you the best bass quality.

Best of all, this car amplifier is small. Its compact size allows you to put it in any place inside your car. The design is also beautiful and cool. So, if you are a car owner that pays attention to your interior appearance, this car amplifier is a perfect choice for you.

4) Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Monoblock Class D Car Audio Power Amplifier

Kenwood is the brand you will find most whenever you search for a good car audio system part. As for the car amplifier, this KAC-9106D is one of the best products you can buy. One of the advantages of Kenwood products is durability. This car amplifier also has that quality. Moreover, the rugged design also creates a perfect sound reflection property, which produces a beautiful, detailed, and powerful sound from your car audio system.

Furthermore, KAC-9106D also passed the CEA-2006 test and classification for a car amplifier. It means the ratio of its RMS is perfect. This test also finds whether a car amplifier has a better ratio level between the received signal and noise. In this category, this product also scores the best result.

One of the best things you can get from this product is its ability to control its signal, with the RCA level at 0.2-5.0 volts line level. It gives you the freedom to adjust the power you can get from it. You will get the best thing from this car amplifier.

5) Rockford Fosgate Prime 750 Watt Class D Car Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate gives this 750 Watt car amplifier a lot of amazing things. First of all, it uses a unique protection design called the Tri-Stage Protection feature. This feature protects it from over-heating, over-current, as well as short circuit problems. Those three are the main cause of many problems that you can find on car amplifiers. So, with this protection, you can expect it to work well continuously.

Moreover, it also has the on-board PEQ (Punch Equalization) control which allows you to adjust its decibel level. Its maximum level is 18 dB. This number provides a powerful boost at 45Hz. Furthermore, with its variable crossover at 12dB/octave slopes, you can expect a powerful performance coming out from this car amplifier. You also can get the optional accessories, which is the Remote PEQ. This remote allows you to control the level of PEQ much easier.

All in all, you will get a car amplifier that lasts longer. No need to worry about problems that happen a lot on a car amplifier. Plus, it also has the best performance, which makes it a valuable investment for the car audio system.

6) Rockford Fosgate P500X1BD Punch 500 Watt Class-D Mono Car Amplifier

Next, we also have another product from Rockford Fosgate. As for this one, it has lower power output than the previous product, which is only 500 Watt of maximum output. However, P500X1BD is a product you can’t ignore. Its features are the reason why we also put this product on this list.

First of all, this product comes in full chassis. The dimension is 2.38 x 7.76 x 11.03 inches, which is pretty compact for a car amplifier. Because of the full chassis design, you also can install it easier. Use it on the 1-Ohm load, and prepare for magnificent sound performance.

It also uses Class-BD technology to improve its RMS power output. For that reason, you can feel a significant improvement in your bass sound after you put it in your car audio system. Compared to the traditional amplifier, this one is much better.

One of the best features of P500X1BD is the C.L.E.A.N. (Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise) circuit. It is the patented circuit that you can only find on the Rockford Fosgate product. It allows you to stabilize the sound and removing unnecessary noise from the sound or vibration. Its LED indicator also helps you to know whether the input and output were optimized. In short, it is one of the car amplifiers that have everything for you.


Pioneer released this mono-class D mono amplifier with one purpose. It was created to take your car stereo system to the next level. This amp provides the boost on all aspects of your audio system, starting from the high range sound that becomes crisp and clear to the powerful bass or deep low range sound.

To support that functionality, Pioneer also adds a unique Protection Control System to it. This circuit system protects the amplifier from high internal temperature. Moreover, it has a smart system that automatically adjusts the temperature to a safer level. The circuit is also stable and durable. Therefore, it has better flexibility than other car amps. With this amp as the core, you can connect several subwoofers to create more powerful output.

You also can find the variable low pass filter in this product. This feature gives you control over the audio frequency level. Adjust it to your desired level and you can create the best sound that you like. People love this feature because they can create the sound that matches their preferences. In other words, you can do anything with your audio system when you install this Pioneer masterpiece.

8) Skar Audio SKv2-1500.1D Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier

Skar Audio also joins our list of the best car amplifier. This product offers a complete set of the amplifier with various features. It uses the MOSFET circuit for its stability and protection. Thanks to this circuit, it can produce stable output power at a maximum of 2200 Watts with RMS at 1500 Watts.

The MOSFET circuit protection uses the unique 4-Way system. It protects the component from the current as well as improves the flow of the current. This system creates better energy usage. Therefore, you also can save your battery.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty advanced heat sink also provides a maximum cooling effect. It increases the lifespan of the amps. Plus, you won’t have to spend more on maintenance or replacement. In terms of performance, this product is one of the best. Then, if you also look at it from the cost perspective, you also get the advantages from it.

9) Soundstream RN5.2000D Rubicon Nano 2000W Class D Car Amplifier

Soundstream, the leader in the car audio system category, released RN5.2000D several years ago. Even though it is an old product, we see it as one of the best choices for car amplifiers under 300. We love the material that Soundstream uses to build its case. They use the hybrid aluminum alloy material to build the heat sink and case. It is not only durable. This material also provides optimal heat dissipation. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore about over-heating problems.

It also has 2-Ohm Stereo and 4-Ohm Bridge you can use to connect it with your subwoofer. It gives you more options to build the audio system that produces the sound that you like. Moreover, it also uses the MOSFET power supply with its high level of stability and safety. This product is indeed the one you need to improve your car’s audio performance.

10) Kicker 46CXA8001T CX Series 1600 Watt Max Power Class D Car Amplifier

Lastly, we have Kicker’s product. As one of the CX series, this car amplifier provides the power that you need. The maximum power is 1600 Watts. However, with 800 Watts of RMS power, your car audio system will have a stable power supply to produce the best sound.

Kicker also adds a variable crossover option. Furthermore, they add an easy-to-use control dial to adjust the sound. The bass boost feature is also the same. Using the KickEQ 6dB, you also have the various option of a strong punch for a low-frequency sound.

As for protection, Kicker uses strong material to build its case. And, they are not stopping from that point. This company also adds the 24dB subsonic filter to protect it from a certain frequency that can damage the component.


Those are ten car amplifiers with the best quality and performance you can find on the market. They are also available at affordable prices, which make them a good choice for modifying your car’s audio system. Get them and save more budgets.

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