Top 5 Best Aftermarket Timing Belt Brands for Your Car

The internal combustion engine depends on its intake valves and exhaust valves to manage airflow and carbon gas emissions. The intake valves allow air to enter the internal combustion chamber, whereas the exhaust valves release the gases resulting from the combustion.

Both sets of valves must open and close at the appropriate time. It requires the crankshaft and camshaft to rotate at the same time. A timing belt is connected to the crankshaft and camshaft to make this happen. It allows both shafts to rotate in synchronization to ensure the engine functions properly.

Some model vehicles might use a timing chain rather than a timing belt, but it serves the same purpose. The timing belt seems like a simple auto part because it is a flexible belt made of rubber material. The interior length has little teeth to give it stability on the pulleys as they rotate. If these teeth deteriorate, then it could lead to engine problems. And if the belt snaps off completely, the engine won’t run.

The crankshaft is the driving force behind the timing belt. As the crankshaft rotates, the timing belt starts to move and pull on the pulley of the camshaft. That is how the crankshaft and camshaft can rotate simultaneously. The camshaft allows the valves to open and close, and the pistons go up and down.

Buying Best Aftermarket Timing Belt Brands

The timing belt must get replaced if it ever goes bad. Otherwise, you could end up with damaged pistons, piston rods and valves. It might even cause engine damage as well. Therefore, you have to maintain it regularly.

When your timing belt need to replace, you need to replace it using a good-quality timing belt. And there are many good quality after market timing belt products available on the markets. So, here, we have several products from the best aftermarket timing belt brands you can try. We hope these will help you to buy a new timing belt and improve your car performance.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best aftermarket timing belt brands for your car:

1) Aisin TKH-002

Aisin is one of the most popular brands from Japan in the car spare parts industry. Their product was made with the best technology and equipment. It creates a product that can perform at the highest level. They also have become one of the main suppliers for car spare parts for Europe and the U.S. automobile industry. This timing belt kit is one of them.

This timing belt uses the best material, especially for the water pump part. It is made of advanced aluminum using die-cast technology. This method reduces the weight and size, which improves cooling performance. Furthermore, it also uses the carbon-ceramic mechanical seals on the water pump part. this material will prevent any leak and other problems during the operation time.

The design also provides better efficiency to your engine. It produces better flow channels, and the rotors work more efficiently. Thanks to this quality and work of art, this product becomes one of the standard references for many OEM products. Buy at amazon >>

2) Gates TCKWP329

Another brand you can rely on for the timing belt product is Gates. This brand also offers many high-quality products that can even be compared with the OEM equipment. This timing belt kit is the best example of that kind of product. The quality and durability are both, top-notch. It can last for a very long time. Some people that use this product even confessed that they don’t need to change it even after 100k miles of usage.

As a kit type product, you will get a set of timing belt parts you can install to your car engine. In this package, there is the timing belt, water pump, as well as the idler pulley. They are all that you need to replace your old timing belt. With all these parts in the package, you can easily change your timing belt.  Of course, if you don’t know how to do that, do not hesitate to ask a professional to help you. Buy at amazon >>

3) ACDelco TCKWP329

ACDelco, another top car components brand, offers a professional and premium-class timing belt with this product. As you might already guess, this timing belt was made with the best element for all of its parts. In this set of timing belt kit, you will find several parts you need to replace your old timing belt. They are timing belts, hydraulic tensioners, and water pumps.

Speaking about the water pump, ACDelco uses a special design for this part. the water pump design allows the cooling effect to be applied smoothly. This method will improve the performance as well as efficiency in controlling the temperature of the timing belt. Furthermore, the water pump is also made of the best material. So, you also can expect a long lifespan and top durability from it.

As the aftermarket product, this timing belt is one of the best. The quality, performance, durability, and design are equal and even better than OEM. If you want to replace your timing belt with a better one, this product is your choice. Buy at amazon >>


If you are looking for a complete set of the top-quality aftermarket timing belt, DNJ has a TBK151AWP timing belt kit for you. this product has everything that you need. You get a timing belt, timing seal, timing belt tensioner bearings, cam seal, and last but not least, the water pump. All of them are important parts you will need to ease the process to replace your car timing belt.

DNJ is not only a top brand in this product category. They are also experienced. With more than 30 years of experience, they are one of few brands you can trust wholeheartedly. They always prioritize the quality and performance of their product. Therefore, this product will give you the best result and performance as well. Try this quality proven that equal to the OE quality timing belt, and feel the difference. Buy at amazon >>

5) Evergreen TBK296WPT

The last product you can try is the timing belt by Evergreen Parts and Components. This timing belt is made using the advanced technology and manufacturing process. The materials are all the best. All of these have only one purpose. It is to ensure that it matches the OE quality for this delicate and important part. and, the result is a timing belt with the best durability, performance, also reliability.

The kit package will give you a timing belt and tensioner pulleys. The pulleys part is a great deal. You can use it to replace the full timing system easily. Then, these complete sets of tools also help you to install the timing belt with correct tension and adjustment. In short, you get the best product that you can use easily. Buy at amazon >>

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Those are the best aftermarket timing belt brands you can use for replacing your old timing belt. We believe those products will give your car a big change and improvement. They will be an important part of your car maintenance.

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