5 Symptoms of a Bad Idle Air Control Valve in Your Car

Your vehicle’s engine is said idle if it is running but the machine is not moving. There will be a number of revolutions inside the engine that will change per minute. The change in the number of revolutions will rely on current operating conditions. This is the valve which plays an important role in the change of revolution number. So, the bad idle air control will cause problems to the engine. Find out the symptoms that show the bad condition of the idle air control valve in your vehicle.

#1. Fluctuate Idle Speed

The main function of the idle air control valve is to manage the engine’s idle speed. In this way, the bad idle air control valve will cause the engine to have a fluctuating idle speed. In other words, the speed could be too low at one moment and then too high at other moments. One of the easiest ways to check out the fluctuating speed of the engine idle is by looking at the tachometer you can find on the dashboard.

#2. Check Engine Warning Light System

Generally, the central computer will automatically activate the check engine warning light system whenever there is a problem with the engine. The bad idle air control valve is no exception. The central computer will soon activate the warning light if the number of revolutions per minute looks abnormal. Make sure to take your car to the auto shop once you notice that the check engine warning light system is active.

#3. Rough Idling

If your idle air control valve is in normal condition, it will provide your vehicle with smooth idling. In this way, rough idling can be a clear sign that there is a problem with your car’s idle air control valve. This is because the rough idle will lead the valve to produce intense vibrations each time you stop your car while the engine is still running. This condition will cause less air to enter the engine during the idle state. As a result, the car will shake profusely.

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#4. Engine Stalling

You will not be able to run your car at all if you experience engine stalling which is caused by an idle air control valve with a bad condition. The component will soon experience malfunction as soon as you start the vehicle. The stalling generally occurs every couple of minutes in the beginning and the engine will completely stop soon after that. This will be better if you go to the nearest auto shop once you experience engine stalling. This is very important to prevent further damage to the machine.

#5. Stalling Caused by Load

Increasing the load on the engine will also lead it to stall. For instance, you might experience engine stalling if you turn on your air conditioner or heater your idle air control valve is in a bad condition. You will also feel that it seems there is something drags your car’s steering to one side. Make sure that you turn off the air conditioner or the heater to lower the load. It will give you a temporary problem solving related to the engine stalling.

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