Xiaomi Portable Electric Tire Inflator Pump (Honest Review)

Having a portable air compressor can come in handy if you are planning to take a road trip, or if you ride your bike to and from work. For the most part, a normal tire compressor will not be portable enough to carry around, which is why we have found a fantastic product, which will inflate most tires and is very compact. The product we are going to talk about is Xiaomi Portable Electric Tire Inflator Pump, this product is very similar to most portable tire inflators, but it is small enough to be placed in your pocket. Let’s talk about some of the key features associated with this product, and then we’ll talk about some of the positives.

Key features

Automatic: This product is automated, it will detect the tire pressure and will fill it up to the set PSI without you manually turning off the product. This is an excellent feature to have, especially when you want usability and convenience.

Digital display: For people who are looking for a product that is filled with technology, this is an excellent product to own. This product comes with a digital display, which makes it very clear to read its functionality. You will see your tire pressure and your goal tire pressure on a digital display.

Ready for any temperature: If you live in a country where it gets frigid, then this product is a good option for you. This product can work and be stored in -45 degrees Celsius temperature without breaking. Most of the emergencies happen when it’s least expected, and the tires tend to deflate in colder temperatures. If you have this product with you, then you don’t need to fear about running low on tire pressure.

No need to connect it to any other power source: What’s great about this product is that you don’t need to connect it to another power source. All you have to do is put the nozzle on the tire and start pumping air. You don’t need any external power, and you don’t need to plug the product into your car’s battery for this product to work. This makes it extremely convenient to use, and ideal for emergencies or for daily use.


Easy to use: This product is very straightforward to operate, and does not require a lot of actions to get your desired result.

Charged by a power bank: You can charge this product by using a power bank, which makes it very convenient. Since you don’t need to connect this product onto anything when in use, you do need to charge this using a power bank regularly.

It can be used for anything: This product comes with many attachments, which makes it easy to pump football and basketball if you want. Since most inflators only work for tires, it is always good for an inflator to have the ability to be used on multiple items.

Test on Motorcycle and Car Tires

We bought already this product, and we did test to fill up the air on motorcycle tire and car tire. To complete fill up on motorcycle tire, it takes 1:30 minutes. And to complete fill up on car tire, it takes 11 minutes.

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Final verdict

This should give you a better understanding of what this product can do for you, make sure you purchase this product if you need an inflator which is portable and works on many items.

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