Toyota Supra JZA80 Specification Details: Engine, Horsepower, Transmission, Body, Oils and Parts

If you were around between the years 1978 and 2002, then you’re probably familiar with the Toyota Supra. It was a Japanese sports car that was manufactured during this timeframe. The body design of the Toyota Supra was inspired by the body of the Toyota Celica. This meant it had much wider and longer dimensions to it.

In late 1993, Toyota released another model of the Toyota Supra called the JZA80. It was also marketed under the name Toyota Supra SZ. The vehicle was fitted with the 2JZ-GTE engine, which is a second-generation model under the JZ engine series. There were two different configurations offered for this series. First, there was the 2JZ-GE model that is the normal engine configuration. Second, there was the 2JE-GTE model that is the turbocharged configuration.

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People who care about driving faster would choose the turbocharger configuration over the basic configuration. Since the JZA80 was a sports vehicle, some people liked to use it in races as long as it had a 2JZ-GTE engine with a turbocharged configuration. As for everyone else who just wanted a flashy sports car to drive, they did just fine with the 2JZ-GE engine configuration.

Let’s examine the specifications of the engine, transmission, horsepower, body, parts, and oils of each type of configuration.

2JZ-GTE Configuration

The Toyota Supra JZA80 2JZ-GTE engine contains 6 cylinders, a twin turbocharge, air intercooling, dual-overhead camshaft (belt-driven), inline-layout, aluminum cylinder head, and cast-iron block. Here is a closer look at the specifications of the engine.

  • Dual CT-20 turbochargers with sequential fuel injection and intercooling.
  • 24 valves
  • 224-degree intake duration
  • 88mm intake camshaft lift
  • 5mm intake valve diameter
  • 233-degree exhaust duration
  • 29mm exhaust valve diameter
  • 4mm exhaust camshaft lift
  • 86mm bore
  • 86mm stroke
  • 5:1 compression ratio
  • 280 maximum horsepower (5600 RPM)
  • 320 foot-pounds of maximum torque

2JZ-GE Configuration

The Toyota Supra JZA80 2JZ-GE engine has similar specifications, but they’re not quite as advanced as the 2JZ-GTE configuration. Below are the specifications of the 2JZ-GE.

  • Sequential fuel injection
  • 24 valves
  • 2 camshafts
  • 26mm intake camshaft lift
  • 5mm intake valve diameter
  • 41mm exhaust camshaft lift
  • 29mm exhaust valve diameter
  • 86mm bore
  • 86mm stroke
  • 10:1 compression ratio
  • 220 maximum horsepower (5800 RPM)
  • 210 foot-pounds of maximum torque

Oil and Lubrication

The oil and lubrication specifications apply to both the 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE configurations.

  • The oil system requires 5 liters of 10W-30 oil. Synthetic oil is preferred.
  • The cooling system requires 9.4 liters for the automatic JZA80 and 9.5 liters for the manual JZA80.
  • The radiator cap pressure rating is between 10.7 psi and 14.9 psi.


The body specifications of the Toyota Supra JZA80 are as follows:

  • 2550mm wheelbase
  • 5mm track front
  • 5mm track rear
  • 5mm length
  • 1811mm width
  • 1275mm height
  • 130mm ground clearance


The Toyota Supra JZA80 has 4-speed, 5-speed, and 6-speed transmission options available. Let’s examine the specifications of a 4-speed automatic transmission since this was more commonly used.

  • Gearbox lubricant capacity of 7.2 liters
  • A340E is the gearbox model (some versions came with intelligent sport control)
  • 13 teeth on the drive pinion
  • 49 teeth on the ring gear
  • Each ring gear is 200mm
  • The lubricant capacity of the differential is 1.35 liters
  • Oil recommendation is Non-LSD API GL5 Gear Lubricant
  • 804 First Gear Ratio
  • 531 Second Gear Ratio
  • 000 Third Gear Ratio
  • 705 Fourth Gear Ratio
  • 393 Reverse Gear Ratio

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The Toyota Supra JZA80 was a powerful vehicle. But it looks like the fifth generation of this model car is going to make a comeback. At the North American International Auto Show that took place in January 2019, the next Supra was revealed. It is labelled as a 2020 model. So, it looks like fans of the Supra may have another shot at obtaining a new model after all.

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