Toyota R154 Transmission: Basic Specs, Gear Ratios, Parts and Oils

The R154 is a transmission that is manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. Toyota’s R-series of transmissions are known for being 5-speed transmissions. This means they have a 5-speed gearbox that includes 1 reverse gear and 5 forward gears.

What is special about the R154 is how well it is constructed and designed. It is very easy to recognize the strength and power of the gearbox when you see it in action. This strength comes from the size of the gears and the external casing. They were made this size to ensure the transmission performed all the time wonderfully.

5 Speed Manual Gearbox Quick Short Shifter Transmission for Toyota Supra

Gear Ratios

Up until 2004, you could find 5-speed transmissions in the Toyota Soarer, Toyota Cresta Tourer V, Toyota Mark II Tourer V, Toyota Chaser Tourer V, Toyota Crown, and the MKIII Supra Turbo. The Aspect Ratios of the transmission are 3.251 for the First Gear, 1.955 for the Second Gear, 1.310 for the Third Gear, 1.00 for the Fourth Gear, 0.753 for the Fifth Gear, 3.18 for the reverse gear and also 3.727 for final drive (Mechanical LSD).

As for the number of kilometers per 1000RPM, you have 9.6km for the First Gear, 16.0km for the Second Gear, 24km for the Third Gear, 31.4km for the Fourth Gear, and 41.7km for the Fifth Gear. The lubricant capacity of the Toyota R154 is 3 liters and the preferred oil specified by the manufacturer is 80W-90 GL4. And dry weight of this transmission is 46kg or 101lbs


Below are all the common parts found within a Toyota R154 transmission:

  • Bell housing
  • Output shaft
  • End case
  • Shifter
  • Gear case
  • 30mm input shaft OD
  • 245mm drive plate diameter
  • 40mm drive plate surface area


The first gear thrust washer is considered the weak point because of the cast construction of the gearbox. Any maltreatment of the box will likely cause this part to fail. Maltreatment could mean abusing the gearbox, misusing the gearbox, using a button clutch or high-clamp with the gearbox, or using larger horsepower applications.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this problem with the gearbox. Just go lighter and easier on the gearbox by giving it more respect as you control it. If you cannot demonstrate enough self-control over your gearbox, then you should have an auto professional disassemble your gearbox and replace the thrust washer component inside of it. But don’t just replace the thrust washer with any other thrust washer. Look for a thrust washer made from a strong steel alloy like chromoly because that’ll give it more durability. You can find it at any auto parts store for less than $30, so it is reasonably priced.

It is important that you replace any component of the R154 transmission which gets damaged or fails. If you do nothing, then a faulty component could end up causing damage to other areas of the transmission. Then you may have to replace the entire transmission, which would cost you thousands of dollars. The current retail price for a new Toyota R154 transmission with all its components is $2,599.00. If you purchase the transmission online, there may be additional shipping costs added to the total.

Don’t take a chance like that when you know there is a problem in the transmission that needs to be addressed. Visit a Toyota dealership to receive auto service because their mechanics will have more knowledge of the R154 transmission and its internal components.

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The Toyota R154 is a fine transmission which certainly has its place in Toyota history. It provides a lot of power for drivers who like fast and responsive vehicles. Just make sure to change the transmission fluid periodically to ensure you don’t need to replace too many components.

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