5 Symptoms of a Bad Knock Sensor in Your Car

There are many cases in which fuel get exploded inside the internal combustion chamber. This leads your car to experience engine knocking. As a result, there are vibrations that can be detected by the knock sensor. This becomes the clear sign that the engine can’t modify the ignition timing accordingly. The bad knock sensor will cause a more serious problem to your engine in the future if you do not fix it properly. There are some bad symptoms that show the bad knock sensor in your vehicle.

#1. Thumping Sounds

When there is something wrong with your car’s knock sensor, the engine will produce thumping noises. As time goes on, the thumping noises will get louder along with the knock sensor that gets worse. Make sure that you fix the problem by replacing the bad knock sensor soon to avoid further damage to your engine.

#2. Check Engine Warning Light On

The check engine warning light in your car will automatically on if there is any problem with the vehicle. There is no exception with the back knock sensor. The warning light will come on if the knock sensor goes bad. This is possible to happen since the accurate reading information of the engine knocking vibrations can’t be received well by the powertrain control module. As a result, your engine will get improper ignition timing that influences the process of international combustion.

#3. Acceleration Issue

Another symptom of the bad knock sensor is the acceleration issue. So, if the car does not run faster just after you step on your pedal, you can suspect that there is something wrong with your knock sensor. But, people often find it hard to detect the knock sensor issue only by relying on you the weak performance of your car’s acceleration. It will be better if you go to a mechanic to get a more precise diagnostic.

#4. Weak Performance of Your Car’s Engine

There are many factors that cause the weak engine performance of your car. One of the most common causes that make the engine performs weaker is the bad knock sensor. The symptoms showed by the weak performance of your car’s are varying. For example, your car will begin to jerk around. As a result, you will feel that there is something that drags your car on the road. There is also a case in which you will find a burning smell comes from your car’s cabin. It might cause further damage to your engine if you do not immediately fix the issue.

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#5. Bad Fuel Economy

Do you experience poor fuel economy? Just check your knock sensor. A problem that occurs on the spare part will lower the fuel economy of your car. But, you might not recognize the symptom at first since it is not easy to diagnose the problem based on the poor fuel economy. But, you can be sure that your car might have a bad sensor knock issue if you find two or more symptoms mentioned above.

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