5 Causes of a Car RPM High

When your car RPM is high or the engine produces rough idle, you might consider several causes that lead to the problem. However, it can be a very difficult task to find out the real reason since it usually involves many factors as well. To help you find to fix the problem, just look at the following common reasons that cause the high RPM of the car.

#1. Bad Condition of Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are actually the current electricity which is sent to the internal combustion chamber. It has a specific purpose to ignite the air and fuel mixture. A bad condition of spark plugs can be caused by some reasons, such as being damaged or worn-out. This condition can lead your engine to generate rough idle. The electrical current will not be able to ignite the air and fuel mixture if the spark plugs are in bad condition. As a result, the mixture will inconsistently burn and cause idle rough.

#2. Leaky Vacuum

Your car RPM will also turn high and cause rough idle engine if there is an issue with a vacuum hose. The vacuum functions to deliver air and fuel to the internal combustion chamber. The hose will leak if it is worn-out, loose, or damaged. As a result, there will be a misfire occurs due to the abundance mixture of gasoline and air. That is why the idle rough occurs and the RPM is higher than its normal level.

#3. Carburetor Problem

In the past time when the fuel injectors haven’t been invented, the carburetor was widely used in vehicles. If you have an old car, you might still find the carburetor in it. You need to know that the component is easy to become faulty. It makes the carburetor becomes one of the most common reasons that cause the rough idle engine. You can easily detect that the rough idle engine caused by carburetor simply by looking at the exhaust smoke that turns black.

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#4. Dusty Fuel Injector

Fuel injectors come with a specific function to allow the vehicles to send fuel into the internal combustion chamber. That makes fuel injectors become one of the most important components in the vehicle engine. However, this component is easy to get dirty. This will cause rough idle to your engine. So, make sure that you clean the fuel injectors by using a fuel injector cleaner or gas additives regularly to avoid it becomes dirty. In addition, the dirty fuel injectors will make the gas mileage becomes easier to weak too.

#5. Clogged Air Filter

You need to know that your engine requires air from the outside. The air then will be mixed with the fuel placed in the internal combustion chamber. To avoid debris from the air to enter the internal combustion chamber, there will be an air filter installed. However, the air filter will be worn-out or clogged after a while. In this way, there will be a smaller amount of clean air that gets into the internal chamber combustion which causes idle rough

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