Top 5 Best Wheel Spacers for Dodge Ram 1500

Wheel spacers do just what the name indicates. They separate the wheels farther apart from each other underneath the vehicle. The purpose is to create extra space for the other components in that area, such as the suspension system and brake components. Whenever you make turns around corners, the extra space will give your wheels better grip and handling.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a popular vehicle to modify in this way. As one of the cheapest and most popular pickup trucks, the Dodge Ram 1500 has become a growing favorite amongst motorists. Now the latest trend is modifying Dodge Ram 1500 trucks by adding wheel spacers to them.

Adding wheel spacers in your dodge ram, can bring many advantages, You can improve its visuals. Furthermore, with the right changes and best parts, you can also boost its performance. We have several options for the best wheel spacer for dodge ram 1500. Let’s take a look.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top top 5 best wheel spacers for your dodge ram 1500

1) Supreme Suspensions – 4pc 2″ Hub Centric Wheel Spacers for 2002-2011 Dodge Ram 1500

Supreme Suspensions made these wheel spacers with high precision. By using this product, you can increase the wide size of your tire by 2 inches. With it, you can now install wider rims and tires with the different specifications that the factory rims.

This product is made of T6 Aircraft Billet. By using a CNC manufacturing system, plus with special anodized coating, you get not only lightweight wheel spacers. It also improves its durability and strength, plus it lasts for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you drive your Dodge Ram a lot in the harsh condition, this wheel spacer can survive that.

The special design also reduces the vibration and imbalance that you can find on the other products, especially the knocked off one. Therefore, once you install this wheel spacer, it will be fixed and stable in its place. The performance, design, and usage (easy to install) are top-notch. So, it is not surprising, if we include this product on this list.

2) RockTrix 1.25 inch Wheel Spacers

This product is compatible with many Dodge Ram series. Chance, your car is also suitable for this product. Furthermore, it is designed to solve all kinds of problems regarding the clearance problem that your car may have. One of the most important features it has is its ability to fix the clearance issue related to the distance between wheels/tires and brake calipers. Just install this wheel spacer and you won’t need to have a problem with it.

RockTrix also designed this wheel spacer not only for providing enough space for your new tires. But, with the top-quality material and firmed shape, it also can improve the traction level. With better traction, you also can get better handling. If you can install it correctly, which in this case you might need help from professionals, it will improve your car’s overall performance.

3) ECCPP 4pcs 2-inch 5×5.5 to 5×5.5 Wheel Spacer Adapters 5×139.7mm 108mm fits for Dodge Ram 1500

If you plan to give your Dodge Ram a better handling and aggressive stance, this wheel spacer is the best choice. The 2 inches 5 lugs in this product allow you to give enough space that makes your wheels move further from the wheel hub. With better clearance, your wheel also won’t hit the brake caliper. It improves handling and performance. Moreover, with this position, you also can add many other kits to modify your wheels.

The best of all, this product is made of T6 Billet aluminum. This is the best material for wheel spacers. It is not only lightweight. T6 Billet also is very durable. As for this wheel spacer, along with this material, it also got some anodized finish that protects it from corrosion. As you can see, you get not only strong and durable, but it also can survive in any condition.

4) GDSMOTU 4pc Wheel Spacers for 5 Lug Ram 1500

GDSMOTU seems to focus on creating a wheel spacer that can endure the pressure from the wheels for a long time. For this reason, they manufacture this product by using a grade 10.9 manufacturing system. Additionally, the material is also heat-treated which improves its strength and durability. With this specification, we can easily say that this is one of the safest wheel spacers you can find on the market.

It is not only the high-quality material that makes it become one of the best wheel spacers you can get. However, the design also is one thing you need to consider. It is CNC designed with a 60-degree taper, which gives it a perfect and stable position, once you install it. Of course, you also need to do that correctly, to get this benefit. Last but not least, when you install the bolt nuts to place this wheel spacer on your Dodge Ram’s wheel compartment, do not use an impact wrench. There is a chance that it won’t be fixed correctly. Use a manual method for a better and safer result.

5) ACUMSTE 2Pcs Wheel Spacers Adapters, 2″ 5 Lug 5×5.5 Wheel Spacers

Stable maybe is the correct word to describe this wheel spacer. Maybe, this is the most stable wheel spacer you can try today. One of the reasons why it is so stable is the studs. ACUMSTE uses the forged heat-treated and hardened 10.9-grade studs for this wheel spacer. This stud design and material have better strength than other studs. The design also makes the wheel spacer body fixed in its place. It is stable, plus it also eliminates the vibration, which causes damage and even cracks on the wheel spacer. If it happens while you are driving, it will be very dangerous.


Those are the top 5 products for the Best Wheel Spacer for Dodge Ram 1500 you can get. Choose any of them, and you will get the best result. Just make sure that the size and bolt are compatible with your car specification. With proper installation, you will get the best performance that you need.

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Tips to choosing wheel spacer for your Dodge Ram 1500

Do you drive a Dodge Ram 1500? Are you looking for the best wheel spacers for it? Below are the top six tips for choosing a wheel spacer for your Dodge Ram 1500.

1) Bolt-on or Slip-On

Bolt-on wheel spacers are the most dependable spacers on the market. You can fasten them onto your Dodge Ram 1500’s studs tightly. It allows the spacers to be bolted and secured to the hub. Just make sure you choose bolt-on wheel spacers compatible with a Dodge Ram 1500’s lug nut patterns and wheels.

Slip-on wheel spacers are easier to install but less reliable. You slide them onto the studs, which gives space for the wheel to fit. But if the wheels are too big, you won’t get them to fit correctly. The lug nuts won’t fasten properly either. That is why we recommend bolt-on wheel spacers over the slip-on spacers.

2) Choose a Good Brand

Avoid wheel spacers from unknown manufacturers and brands. You can only depend on top brands to deliver high-quality wheel spacers. Some of the best wheel spacer brands include Supreme Suspension. You can choose other brands, but make sure you do your homework on them. Look up how many positive reviews they’ve received online and things like that.

3) Wheel Spacer Extender Studs

If you want your wheel spacers to fit correctly, there must be adequate space between the spacers and the wheels. Otherwise, the wheel spacers will not fit correctly. However, there is one remedy to this problem. You can purchase wheel spacer extender studs to create more space between the spacers and the wheels.

4) Warranty

Any reputable manufacturer will offer a warranty on their wheel spacers. Look for warranties that exceed five years. The most expensive wheel spacers come with a limited lifetime warranty or some variation of it. If you’re paying over $100 for your wheel spacers, then you’ll want to protect your investment. A warranty will ensure that you’ll get the most life possible out of the spacers.

5) Price

Everyone is on a different budget. It would be easy to stay that expensive wheel spacers have better quality material and last longer. But you can find decent wheel spacers for between $50 to $100. If they come from a reputable manufacturer with a decent warranty attached, then you won’t have anything to worry about.

6) Compatibility

The wheel spacers must be compatible with the Dodge Ram 1500. Even if the spacers are supposed to be compatible with all trucks and jeeps, do not trust those claims. Check on the internet to see if a particular wheel spacer product is compatible with the Dodge Ram 1500. Amazon has a handy online tool for checking any auto product’s compatibility with a particular make and model vehicle. Use that to help guide you.

Last Words

The installation process is simple for someone with basic auto knowledge. You don’t necessarily need to be a mechanic to figure out how to add wheel spacers. But if you’re unsure about any part of the installation process, then it is better to hire a professional auto mechanic to do it for you.

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