Top 5 Best Universal Split CV Boot Kits for Your Car

Split CV boot is one of the important parts of your car. The quality of the split CV boot determines the performance of your car. The thing that you can do is replace the boot immediately if there is something wrong with it. In this case, you can choose to use a universal split cv boot kit because it can be used for all types of vehicles. Here, we have recommended universal split CV boot kits you can use to replace the old one.

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Below are the top 5 best universal split CV boot kits for your car

1) Dorman 614-001 HELP! Universal Fit CV Boot Kit

Dorman has been working in this industry since 1918 and the manufacturer produces a variety of car and truck parts including Dorman 614-001 HELP! split CV boot kit. The quality of this product is good enough and you will get anything you need to replace the old boot on your vehicle. Although it is a little bit difficult to install this boot kit, it works well to keep the performance of your car back to normal.

Dorman 614-001 HELP! Universal Fit CV boot kit is compatible with a variety of cars including 1965 Alfa Romeo, Jeep Grand Cherokee 96-98, Daihatsu Hijet, 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara, and many more. You still have read the instructions and information to make sure that it is fit for your car. You may also check the OEM part number that covers this CV boot kit. Interestingly, you can paint this boot if you want to.

By spending about $25.00 you can keep the performance of your car. At least, you don’t need to bring it to the dealer or technician only to install the boot because it fits in your car. You just need to learn how to install it carefully, especially if it is your first time to replace the CV boot. Buy at amazon >>

2) Flexx Boot FB3000 Small Shaft Universal CV Boot

If you need a flexible universal CV boot, you can also use Flexx Boot FB3000 Small Shaft CV boot. This boot kit is also compatible with a variety of vehicles. This product is fit for some of the cars. On the other hand, you need to modify this boot a little bit for some others. Let’s say, it is fit for 2015 Camry, 2006 Honda Civic, 2006 Toyota Highlander, Taurus 2013, and many more. One thing that you should consider before using this boot kit is the size of the shaft. If the shaft is more than 24 mm, this product will be suitable to use.

Flexx boot FB3000 CV boot is flexible and a high stretch and durable. It doesn’t matter if you have to stretch the boot a little bit and it will not reduce the quality and ability. If it is fit enough, your car can run well with no noise anymore.

Due to its durability, this product is still good even after a few months. As a result, you don’t have to replace the CV boot over and over again. The price is affordable enough in which you only have to spend around $20.00 to keep the performance of your car. Buy at amazon >>

3) All Balls 19-5034 Black Universal CV Boot Replacement Only

This CV boot is also the best universal split CV boot kit. The first reason is that the durable material is flexible enough for almost all types of cars. The secret is on its two clamping diameters. This clamping makes the boot fit on most vehicles. The reason why most car owners love to replace their old CV boot with this kit is that the material is strong and flexible enough even in extremely cold temperatures.

This product also has good lubrication because of the lithium Molybdenum grease. If a CV boot has good lubrication it means the CV joint is durable enough and long-lasting. Even, you can use this product for modern ATV’s and UTV’s because of the cut-to-fit design. This design helps a lot if you want to replace the boot with smaller diameter axles. The price is also cheaper than the previous two boot kits above. You just have to spend around $12.00 and get the normal car performance back.

Although it is fit for all vehicles, you still have to verify the part fits first before purchasing this CV boot to make sure that you get the right boot kit. As a result, you don’t waste your money and time because you get the wrong boot kit. Buy at amazon >>

4) Beck Arnley 103-3042 CV Joint Boot Kit

Beck Arnley 103-3042 CV joint boot kit is also one of the best universal boot kits. Car owners love to use this product because this kit has boot, grease, and hardware on its package. As a result, you can install this product immediately without finding additional parts anymore. The process is also easy and fast because of its flexibility.

This product is fit for OE form and you don’t need to change the configuration and specifications because this CV boot kit is compatible with the original design. You also don’t need to remove the old axle only to replace to CV boot.

Beck Arnley 103-3042 CV boot kit is suitable for 2009 Subaru Outback, 2008 Subaru Legacy, 2008 Subaru Outback, and many more. The design and size are fit enough to replace both sides of the boot. The durable materials make this product strong enough so you can use it long-lasting without changing the boot over and over again. The users said that this boot kit is still working well even after driving the car up to 1K miles. Buy at amazon >>

5) Norrec Industries Fast-Boot for CV Joint 92091-000

Our last recommendation is Norrec Industries Fast-Boot. The first great thing is because of its premium material. This product is made of the premium neoprene rubber. The material is durable and flexible enough. You may install this product directly with the original configuration. If you have to change the design, you can also treat and install this CV boot along with the Quick-Shot tool.

Due to its durability, this product is strong enough for all types of terrains. It doesn’t matter if you often drive your car in the mud or wet terrains. You may bring this boot so you can replace the old one anytime you need to do it. The design makes you replace the old CV boot quickly. You just need to cut the old boot off and install the new one. Even, you also don’t have to change the design of the axle. You can drive your car in a few minutes after changing the CV boot.

Norrec Industries Fast-Boot is suitable for 2001 Bravada, 2004 Infiniti G35X, ATV, 2014 Teryx4, and many others. You just need to spend about $20.00 to get this high-quality CV boot. Buy at amazon >>

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Now, you have 5 best universal CV boot kits for your reference. All of them are fit for all types of vehicles. The most important thing is that you should learn the details of the product and how to use the CV boot. Some of the boot kits need a little bit of modification before using it. By understanding the details, you will get the best universal CV split boot kit that fits on the car and boosts its performance.

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