8 Best MacPherson Coil and Strut Spring Compressor Tools

Removing the coil spring to replace the shock absorber in MacPherson suspension type could be very difficult to do. Without proper equipment, this work also can be very dangerous. One of the most important tool for removing or replacing the spring or the shock absorber is “spring compressor tool”. See our top 8 picks of the best MacPherson coil and strut spring compressor tools you can find on the market. By using the best product, you will also get more benefits. Your work becomes much easier. More importantly, these products give you safety while you compress and remove the spring.

Our Best Picks

Beow are the top 8 best MacPherson coil and strut spring compressor tools:

1) OEMTOOLS 25553 MacPherson 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor

OEM TOOLS is well-known for its top performance tool. This spring compressor is one of them. Made using heavy-duty design, the durability as well as safety when you are using it is top-notch. The heavy steel body and forged hooks allow you to keep the compressor in one place. Then, the hardened center screw will hold the energy stored when you compress the spring. In short, it’s one of the best designs of string compressors.

Even though it doesn’t add “Universal” word in its name, but, it has a similar capability in operating on all kinds of MacPherson strut spring. The 9.75-inch max opening is the reason. This design is compatible with any MacPherson strut spring you can find on the automobile. Moreover, this capability also helps you to compress and remove the spring without a problem. If you are looking for the best spring compressor, we recommend this product for you.

2) Shankly Coil Spring Compressor Tool

Shankly’s product is known for its strength and durability. In the spring compression tool case, these two are important. And, this Shankly coil spring compressor tool fulfills that specification. Made of the forged enamel body, it secures your work in compressing the spring and keeps its energy after compressing it. Furthermore, the top quality materials for its part also help you or the mechanic that uses it to do the job flawlessly.

The unique double-ended jaws design, plus security hook also provides more safety when compressing the spring. The combination of these two creates a tool that is not only capable but also professionally performed. You may not have professional skills or credentials as a mechanic. However, with Shankly coil spring compressor, you can do a job as perfect as what a professional mechanic did. Plus, it is also easy to use, which gives it another plus point as the best spring compression tool you can find today.

3) 8MILELAKE 14inches Coil Spring Compressor Strut Remover Installer Tool Kit

8MILELAKE made this product with one purpose. It is providing a simple tool that can work as a professional tool. First of all, the material used is a similar material you can find on the top-quality product used only by a professional mechanic. The heavy-duty steel offers better strength and durability, which can minimize the risk of bending or breaking when you use it to compress spring. Most of the beginners tend to give too much pressure on one side, which mostly ends up with the deformed spring compressor. This product’s material and design prevent that problem.

The drop-forged jaws and lead screws also allow you to fix its position on the spring easily. It won’t move around, once you apply the pressure. Its 350mm and 14-inch size, allow you to use it on almost all MacPherson springs. In short, with just this product, you have enough tools to do your spring compression job.

4) Performance Tool W89322 Professional Strut Spring Compressor

If you are looking for a real professional spring compressor for MacPherson strut, this product is the best choice. Its design as well as performance can be compared to those that are used by a real mechanic. As you can see, this compression tool is made of drop-forge steel. Its construction uses this material to make it durable against abuse and other extreme conditions.

As one of the products by top brands, it also has a proper feature for protection. As we all know, spring compression could be a dangerous job to do. Without a tool that can provide protection, it can injure you and even harm your life. The safety feature comes in the shape of unique locking pins. These locking pins will keep this tool in one place. Furthermore, you also can easily unlock it, when you are done with your job.

The best of all, you also can easily find the replacement part for this product. In case you lose it or some problem occurs and it damages the tool parts, you can get the solution easily.

5) Jacktech SK-3000 Strut Compressor

SK-3000 offers the easiest way to compress and remove the spring from MacPherson strut. This is the standing manual strut spring compressor tool. The design allows you to use it easily. Just put it on the ground, insert the strut, attach the compressor, and you can spin the handle to start the compression. The handle design allows you to compress easily. It needs less effort compared to the manual compressor that uses a wrench to tighten the bolt.

Furthermore, it has a unique Rack and Pinion Gear and Double Clutch Disc system. These two are patented technology by Jack Tech. With these features, you can use this tool at maximum safety. The Rack and Pinion gear also provides more stability when you use it.

This product has everything that you need. You don’t have to use several different tools to operate it. All tools for compressing spring can be found in this one tool. Moreover, it is easy to use, so even though you are a beginner, you won’t have any problem with it.

6) OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme, 1 Pack

The standing type strut spring compression tool mostly can’t provide stability or need too much effort to install and use it. OTC changes that stereotype by providing this tool. This is the second edition of this series. So, you can expect some great improvement compared to the previous version. And, OTC did that.

This tool has new forged locking jaws. The new additions provide better lock when you use it for compressing spring. The fixed position allows you to turn the handle to apply the force easily. Furthermore, it also has unique large size pads and offset to support this system.

OTC also seems to add more strength by using a thicker compression arm. This tool has 5/8 inch thick arms. You don’t need to worry about its strength as well as whether it will be damaged or bent. The locking trunnion also provides more stability.

OTC did a great job to improve this model. The new Strut Tamer will give you the best performance you won’t find on other compression tools. This is also the reason we put this tool into this best list.

7) AMPRO T70570 Coil Spring Compressor

One of the most important things of a coil spring compressor is a strong jaw that can stick to the spring and can’t be moved. AMPRO uses that design on this product. This manufacturer uses the drop forged steel jaws. This design allows it to hold the spring firmly. Therefore, when the compression process is finished, the compressed spring won’t be able to expand until you loosen up this tool.

That’s not all. The hardened alloy steel center bolt on the jaw gives it more strength to keep the energy stored in the compressed spring in check. This is one of the important parts of this tool that gives it the best performance.

As one of the best manual spring compressors, the minimalist design also gives you more space to move your wrench to operate it. it is a good thing because many other products don’t have this kind of design. In short, your job is much easier with this tool. This is indeed one of the best products by AMPRO. It designs this tool to give you the best result in the most convenient way.

8) CTA Tools 4037 Heavy-Duty MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor

CTA Tools presents one of its top products here. The heavy-duty status is indeed one of the guarantees that you will get the best thing from this product. The design, strength, durability, and more importantly, safety, are satisfying.

First of all, the design allows you to operate it in any space. You can use it on the already-removed strut, and you still have more space to move your wrench to tighten it up. The clamp jaws that hold the spring also keep it in one place, immovable. Therefore, you can remove the spring safely from the compartment.

Moreover, the Forged Construction Acme Threaded Rod and Built-In Detent Pins also add more safety elements in this product. This kind of manual compressor has a high risk to bend or break, which can launch the spring to any place. When that happens, it can be fatal. These two features prevent that from happening. When it locks the spring, it will keep it like that. In short, it’s safer and convenient.


So many compression tools are available on the market. Finding one that can be said the best and most preferable is difficult. Hopefully, our list of the Best MacPherson Coil and Strut Spring Compressor Tool above will help you to shorten the time you need to find and pick the spring compressor that you need. In the end, you can move the spring safely and easily.

Things to Consider When You Buy MacPherson Coil and Strut Spring Compressor Tools

MacPherson Coil is a type of vehicle suspension system that is predominantly effective in the front suspension in vehicles. For you to get the best MacPherson Coil and Strut Spring Compressor tools, you need to consider several factors. What are the top factors to consider?

1. Detent pins

One of the top considerations is using detent pins. You need to ensure that the set has detent pins if you are using an external compressor. This factor ensures that the coils of the spring are well attached and make it difficult to move around. Remember, the kind of pressure that these springs are on is usually high and it may cause damage if they slip and start flying.

2. Forged materials

To get the best tools, you must ensure that the compressors are built using the strongest materials. The quality of steel used should be the strongest in the market to ensure that they can withstand coil springs’ exerted forces. You do not want a situation where the materials used are weak and break the spring-contact.

3. Storage

Another important thing that defines the best MacPherson Coil and Strut Compressor tools is storage. As a tip, you should look for a set that comes with compact storage that allows you to keep the tools safe without breaking. This contributes to the effectiveness and longevity of the tools. Therefore, the tools should be store in a compact case.

4. Suspension power

You need to know the use of these tools before you make a purchase. The key question to ask yourself is the type of vehicles you intend to use the tools for. For example, if you have a small car, you can go for the light-duty suspension. These ones are easily available at local stores. However, if you need tools for heavy commercial vehicles, you need heavy-duty suspension, which you can get in bigger stores.

Getting the right suspension for your vehicle is important because it determines the efficiency of the tools.

5. Affordability

You should also consider your budget as a buying guide when shopping for the best MacPherson Coil and Strut Spring Compressor tools. However, you should not expect them to be cheap.

Final Say

Even when you have gotten the best tools, you need to know that maintenance is what will keep them effective in the future. Therefore, always ensure you clean and lubricate your compressors periodically.

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