7 Best Cleaners to Remove Carbon from Valves and Combustion Chamber

Carbon buildup can be real trouble, especially for diesel engines. Basically, a diesel engine’s structure is tighter and more reluctant to debris buildup from carbon residue. When it happens, you may experience all sorts of things that prevent your car from working perfectly. Some of the most common problems are longer cranking duration, power loss, excessive fuel consumption, noises while idling, and higher emission rates. A combustion cleaner is enough to clean this off.

7 Best Combustion Chamber Cleaners

To deal with carbon buildup, these are some of the best combustion chamber cleaners that can help you with carbon debris removal and prevent further engine damage.

1) Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

Red Line is one of the top manufacturers for car treatment products. This company started this car treatment product manufacturing service in 1979. Since then, they have been producing different types of products for the racing industry. So, you can expect a great thing from their product, as the quality and standard will follow the racing car treatment, which needs the best of the best.

The Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner can solve your problem perfectly. It is easy to use. One bottle can be used for one tank. And, it gives you almost 100% efficiency in cleaning your car system. It doesn’t only clean. This product also prevents the formation of gum and varnish inside your combustion chamber. Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of the fuel-burning process, which boosts your entire car performance. Buy at amazon >>

2) Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

Royal Purple offers versatility through its Max-Clean fuel system cleaner and stabilizer. It is applicable to both petrol and diesel engines, whether it is 2-stroke or 4-stroke.

It does not only clean but also works as a fuel additive. It improves the fuel economy by making the engine to work properly. If you are now facing problems with rough idling, foul ignition, heavy emission, and engine ticking, Royal Purple Max-Clean is the right product for you.

The most important thing when you are choosing the best combustion chamber cleaner is to make sure that it is made for your engine type. Remember to wear the appropriate tools and read the instruction carefully as some cleaners have different procedures. Buy at amazon >>

3) Liqui Moly 2001 Valve Clean

As one of the main modes of transportation, people use the car a lot and it can burden its engine. Liqui Moly made this product to ease the burden and give the car its good performance back. One of the main ability of Liqui Moly 2001 is the clean up the build-up deposit inside engine parts. This is the secret that can return your car performance to its best condition.

Liqui Moly 2001 cleans valves, intakes, injection system and more importantly, the combustion chamber. It improves the fuel utilization and burning process. Thus, the energy produced by your car engine will also increase to its maximum level. This is the reason why your car performance returns to its previous good condition. Furthermore, the secret formula inside this product protects your combustion chamber against corrosion and icing problems. Buy at amazon >>

4) Berryman (2610-6PK)

The Berryman products have been around since 1918, producing automotive maintenance products, such as lubricants, sealants, cleaner, and fuel additives. B-12 Chemtool Total Combustion Cleaning Kit comes in a pack-of-6 each weighing 16oz which can clean your engine thoroughly.

It has a high-performing detergent formula to go through the engine’s intake system and combustion chambers. If your car has a nylon or PCV intake valves, this cleaning kit is the best one to buy.

As one of the best combustion chamber cleaner on the market, this Berryman product comes with a kit that adds up to the ease of use, especially if you are doing it by yourself. It consists of a booster vacuum hose, manifold vacuum hose, multi-step adapter, and booster. The kit is aimed to get all the cleaner inside the engine system, though you may need to keep the car idling and roll up the rpm for a stronger vacuum. Buy at amazon >>

5) Genuine Chrysler Accessories 4318001AD

Do you happen to have a Chrysler, FIAT, Jeep, Ram, or Dodge? Then, this combustion chamber cleaner from Chrysler is the perfect one to buy. The cleaner comes in foam form with an attached straw for ease of use.

Unlike other combustion cleaners that should be sprayed into the gas tank, the Chrysler combustion chamber cleaner must be sprayed into the engine’s intake system. Before you put it in, ensure that the engine has reached its operating temperature. It will help the cleaner to work properly to rinse out all the carbon buildup from the engine.

The instruction on the can also requires the car to be driven at a certain speed to let all the debris out through the exhaust pipes. However, the cleaning process may not perform well for engines with mileage lower than 30,000 miles. Buy at amazon >>

6) ACDelco 10-3007 Top Engine Cleaner

ACDelco designed this cleaner with one purpose, which is to clean all parts of car combustion chambers. This product’s solvents can penetrate all parts, thanks to the unique mixture of several different substances. Furthermore, this mixture also works as the lubrication oil, reducing the valve’s friction and improving its performance.

Of course, it also removes the excessive deposit of debris and carbon. The gum and varnish problem will disappear too. With this better condition, you can easily tune-up your engine. It also lengthens your engine lifespan. Buy at amazon >>

7) XADO Atomex Multi Cleaner

XADO Atomex Multi Cleaner cleans intake valves, combustion chamber, and fuel injection system. It is formulated specifically for diesel engines. As a multi cleaner, this product does not only cleans the engine but also gets rid of any moisture found inside the system and gives it a ceramic coating to prevent further buildup.

It is aimed at diesel engines with clogging and jamming problems. It can also be used to solve decreased engine power. The result of using the XADO Atomex Multi Cleaner includes engine re-vitality, less engine noise, and more effective fuel use. Buy at amazon >>

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Those three are the best combustion chamber cleaners you can find today. They will improve your car performance and keep your combustion chamber free from the problem. Make sure you choose the product that matches your car specifications. Add them in your regular car treatment, and you will get only the best thing from your car.

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