Top 10 Best Car Speakers under 100

Upgrading car speakers shouldn’t become a problem for your budget. Many of us think it will cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars to get the best car speaker. That is not wrong if you can’t find the right product at the right price. Here, we are going to help you with that. We have the list of 10 best car speakers which have the best quality and performance. Best of all, all the products on this list are only less than 100 Dollars. Let’s see what kind of product we have here.

1) JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System

JBL created GTO609C for one purpose. It provided the best audio experience you can have in your car. This car speaker component has everything that you need to upgrade your car audio quality to the next level. First of all, it has a superb design and built.

JBL designed the cone with the carbon material in it. Moreover, they also make them bigger than the standard size. This size and design allow creating more airflow, which improves the bass strength. The tweeters are no different. This part uses a bigger-sized voice coil inside. With this design, it can create better heat dissipation to stabilize the audio performance. Furthermore, it also works well when you put more power into it.

You also can find the unique mounted design for this car speaker. JBL uses the i-mount system, which is their patented mounting system that gives this car speaker more flexibility. Now, you can install it on any kind of location and compartment shape in your car audio system frame. In short, you get nothing but the best from this product. It has performance, design, and quality that can match with other more expensive products.

2) KICKER CS Series CSC65 6.5 Inch 4 Ohm 300 Watt Max Car Audio Speaker

Next, we have a product from KICKER. This one is a set of car audio speakers. You will get the speaker, tweeters, and subwoofer in its package. Moreover, this product is one of the car speakers with an output equal to the expensive one.

The powerful output came from the EVC technology added to this speaker. This technology improves the performance of the woofer part. Then, KICKER combines it with the Neodymium tweeter material, one of the best magnets for the tweeter. The combination creates high power at high frequency. According to the measuring result, it can produce 300 Watt maximum power and 100 Watt RMS power. In short, this is one of the best choices for a speaker under 100.

Power is not only the focus here. KICKER also designs the speaker’s built and the tweeter’s shape to create better sound quality. The combination of a 6.5-inch coaxial speaker and 0.5-inch tweeters produces smooth and rich sound. It is a perfect choice for enjoying good music.

KICKER CS Series is well-known for its performance and quality. This product is the best example of that, as you can see from what it can do.

3) BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers

The BOSS CH6930 car speaker is one of the best choices for power. It consists of two pairs of speakers, which each of the speakers produces 200 Watts of output. So, with the pair of them, you get a maximum of 400 Watts of output, which is one of the strongest of all products we mentioned in this list.

BOSS also designed this product with so many durability-focused concepts. For example, the speaker uses a material that can survive in any condition. So, if you use it for playing loud music, it won’t be easily damaged. For that reason, you can use it much longer than other products. We also found a similar design on other parts of this set of car speakers, such as the Surround and Tweeter part. Both of them also use durable material for its body.

BOSS CH6930 car speaker is also worth buying. Other than this speaker’s under 100 prices, you also get a 3-year warranty. It is a great purchase for its price and performance.

4) Pioneer TS-A6990F 6×9″ 5-way car audio speakers

Pioneer TS-A6990F is one of the most powerful under 100 car speakers you can find today. This beast produces 700 Watts of max power output and 120 Watts nominal power. Therefore,  you can expect powerful sound from your car audio system.

Furthermore, Pioneer designed this speaker as an upgradable product. It means you can match it with different types of subwoofer that you have. You can easily install and upgrade your old car speaker with Pioneer TS-A6990F.

The most impressive part of this product is how they use the design and material to support the sound quality. First of all, Pioneer uses the hard-dome-type tweeter that is made of Triple Polyethylene material. This material has good durability and maximum flexibility. Because of that, the sound feels smooth and seamless. Moreover, The bass sounds more powerful with it.

Moreover, the Open & Smooth sound concept also allows it to change between midrange and tweeter without noise. It is so smooth that it won’t obstruct your pleasure when you are enjoying the music. It is indeed a good choice for a car speaker upgrade.

5) Skar Audio SK65M 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Full Range 320 Watt Coaxial Speakers

Skar Audio also enters our list of the best car speakers you can try with a limited budget. As for this brand, we choose this SK65M speaker. The funny thing about this product is this is a speaker for a boat. However, you also can install it on your car. You don’t even need modification or such because this product fit with most of the car speaker system.

This product is a full-range coaxial speaker. Therefore, you can expect it to produce a powerful sound once you install it. Because it is designed for boats, they made it to produce the sound that can be heard during the boat drive, where the wave and water sound is so loud. So, if you install it in your car, the pair of 320 Watts maximum power speakers will make a blast.

Moreover, it also uses the marine-grade silk dome tweeter on top of the mid-range speaker. Now, you don’t have to worry about your car’s sound system quality and power anymore. This speaker gives you what you want.

6) KICKER CS Series CSC68 6 x 8 Inch Car Audio System Speaker

At number seven, we have another product from KICKER. This one also comes from their popular CS Series. The CSC68 has all the good things that this brand offered on their car speaker product. First of all, it uses EVC technology to improve its woofer performance.

The EVC structure creates a super clean bass sound. Moreover, the speaker and tweeter’s cast also uses polypropylene cones that work well for high-detailed sound. It sounds beautiful when you combine it with proper acoustic placement. Its ability to control and create precise and accurate sound is something you might never find in other products.

The size is only 6 x 8 inches. Moreover, the tweeter is only 0.5-inch. However, the quality of this small car speaker is undeniable. Plus, the protection against UV features also gives it an extra point that you must get on your car.

7) PIONEER Pioneer TS-A1370F 5-1/4″ 300 Watts 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

Each part of this car speaker uses the best technology and design from Pioneer. As we all know, this brand is one of the top players in this product category. So, you can expect a great thing from it. First of all, they made it as the 3-Way speaker. Then, it uses the carbon-reinforced IMPP woofer on it to produce crystal clear sound.

The Surround part uses the specific-designed elastic polymer material. Moreover, this material also uses the multilayer structure, which easily improves the sound that the speaker part produces. The speaker part itself produces 300 Watts of sound output. This number is the maximum power of this car speaker. As for its RMS, it can produce a powerful 50 Watts of sound output. So, it is enough to give your trip a high-quality sound you can play for hours.

All components in the package are the high-quality component that has been tested by Pioneer. So, you don’t have to hesitate to use it. Follow the installation manual and you get yourself a good speaker for your car.

8) Alpine SPE-6090 6×9″ 2-way Car Audio Speakers

The Alpine brand also released one of the best under 100 car speakers to the market. This SPE-6090 provides all kinds of top features that you can only find on the more expensive car speakers. Take a look at its power output. It is a pair product, where each speaker can produce 300 Watts of maximum power. Furthermore, the RMS is also insanely high, which is at 150 Watts per pair.

As for the sound, it has a very nice sound quality. The mid and high section sounds smooth and accurate. You can increase the volume and you won’t hear any noise or screech. The bass or low section also feels soft. When you combine it, it produces one of the best sounds in this car speaker category.

Each speaker also comes with grilles. This design helps you to put it in any location without a problem. The grilles part also protects the inside and component of the speaker from damage and impact. So, even if you put it in the cargo area, it won’t give you any problem.

9) Kenwood KFC 6996PS 6 x 9 Inch 5 Way Car Speakers

As for the last product, we have a Kenwood KFC 6996PS car speaker. This 6×0 inches speaker produces 650 Watt of maximum power with 150 Watts of RMS. Undeniably, it is one of the most powerful car speakers on this list. Furthermore, it uses a unique diamond array pattern on the woofer cone. This design reduces the distortion of the sound. Lastly, Kenwood uses a Sound Field Enhancer which smooths the sound out when you play it on a high frequency.

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10) BOSS CH6530 6.5″ 3-Way 600W Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

BOSS is a well-known brand in the car component market. They released a product that satisfies your needs that exceeds your expectations. This one is one of them. Moreover, among the under 100 car speakers, we can say that BOSS gives it too many benefits you won’t find on other products.

The cone structure uses high-quality material called polyurethane. It is not only resilient and durable. But, it also can improve the sound quality because of its strength. Moreover, it also uses a specially designed voice coil. The design gives it better resistance against heat. However, it can keep its strength and fatigue at the best level. It supports the hours of play without losing its quality.

The Surround part uses rubber on its body. It protects it from impact, bump, and any other things that can damage the structure. Then, the piezoelectric tweeter also has better overload resistance. Thanks to that feature, you can use it as it is. No need for the crossover because it already has the electrical property. In short, this car speaker has the best durability. Once you use it, you won’t need to change it for a long time.


The products we mentioned above are only ten of many car speakers that have the best performance. We selected them because they are the easiest ones to get and install, plus they have the best performance exceeding its low prices. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, they are the best choice you can choose.

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