Top 5 Best Aftermarket Car Stereos for Prius

If you want to upgrade the audio system of your Prius, then you need to install a high-quality car stereo. Some retailers may call it an aftermarket radio, head unit, or radio receiver, but they’re all the same thing.

Modern car stereos can perform several highly sophisticated functions in order to provide drivers with the ultimate audio experience. The three main areas of a car stereo include the source, preamp, and amplifier. Each one of these areas may be better than others in certain car stereos. That is what differentiates them from one another.

The source is what controls the audio, such as the radio tuner, smartphone, iPod, or CD player. The Preamp is how you make adjustments to the sounds, such as the volume, fader, balance, tone and source selection controls. The amplifier enhances the smaller audio signal into a greater audio signal for the speakers.

In a Toyota Prius, you may not be happy with the current car stereo. Don’t worry because there are several upgrades that you can make to it. These upgrades let you connect more speakers and other auxiliary audio devices.  It all depends on your specific audio needs.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best aftermarket car stereos for Your Toyota Prius.

1) KUNFINE Android 9.0

Our first product comes from the KUNFINE brand. It uses the Octa-Core CPU with 4GB RAM. Thanks to this powerful component, we can expect a good performance from it. Furthermore, it also uses the Android 9.0 OS, which is known for its stability. The combination of the huge RAM, 8 core CPU, and new Android OS create the best core for an audio system. And, if you put it in your Prius, guaranteed, you will get the most satisfying experience.

As for its features, KUNFINE includes so many of them that won’t make you lonely. It supports 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which give you all connectivity needs. You also can use it to watch online videos, TV, music, and other services. For your communication needs, this device is compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and others.

It has a GPS navigation feature with voice support. Its 8GB SD Card allows you to save the latest map of many places you want to visit. Voice navigation also helps you to travel and reach your destination easier.

2) Zbark 8″ Android 10.0

Zbark seems to put its resources more into developing this product. Just take a look at its main specification. It uses the latest Android 10.0 OS. It has a Quad-Core CPU and 2GB RAM. Then, it also has big storage with its 16GB ROM. In short, its performance and quality won’t let you down.

One of our favorite features of the Zbark audio system is its connectivity feature. The Bluetooth and wireless feature allow you to pair it with many devices. Furthermore, this feature also gives you more freedom to receive a call from your device. Zbark makes this device also can work as a Hands-Free tool for your car.

And, it also has a Mirror Link feature. You can use this feature to share the entertainment you enjoy with the back seat monitor. In short, this device is not only a car audio system. It is also a complete set of the entertainment system for your Prius.

3) KUNFINE Android 8.0 Octa Core

Next, we have another KUNFINE product. It has similar features and specifications as the first product we mentioned above. The only difference we can find is the RAM size for its CPU. For this product, it uses 2GB RAM. Even though it is smaller, it still brings the smooth and fast performance that we like. Moreover, this device produces a high-quality sound.

For your convenience, KUNFINE also adds a Mirror link to this device. It allows you to wirelessly connect it with other devices, including your Prius existing CD and DVD player. With just one button, you can play your favorite clip, video, or music, and share it with all monitors in Prius.

Moreover, it also has a navigation feature. It uses the voice navigating system with a detailed image for visual direction. This extra feature also gives this product more value. That means it is worth buying.

4) KUNFINE Android 10 Autoradio Car Navigation Stereo

Another KUNFINE has successfully entered our list. We choose this product because of all the conveniences we got from it. First of all, it has a Plug & Plays feature. It doesn’t take too much time to install and make it work. You don’t need to cut cable or such. Everything was available for the less-effort installation process.

KUNFINE also add the car audio system frame in its package. It supports the Plug & Plays easy installation feature. However, make sure that your Prius audio system frame is suitable for this device. Otherwise, you can’t install and use it. For its performance, it uses 16GB ROM and 1G RAM Quad Core with Android 10 OS. So, you will get stable and reactive, plus a fast performance from this device. Plus, it is also compatible with different types of entertainment, such as online video, streaming, YouTube, or social media.

5) Autosion Android 10 Car DVD Player GPS Navigation Stereo

Our last product is Autosion’s product. It uses a 7-inch screen, which operates and using its menu and features become much easier. Moreover, it has one of the best core specifications with Android 10 OS, Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, and 2GB DDR3 RAM. Plus, you also get 16GB of storage space for your entire clip, music, and other files.

This product allows you to create the most comfortable entertainment and audio system for your Prius. It is easy to use. Moreover, the Mirror Link feature also allows you to pair it with your device easily. Try to install it. We believe that you will get a better driving experience with your Prius.

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We have already presented to you the five products that can change your Prius entertainment system quality. Try one of them that you think is the most suitable for your needs. And, enjoy the best driving experience and trip on this amazing car.

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